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ref Defy side by side fridge model F640;the fridge is 3 months

Resolved Question:

ref Defy side by side fridge model F640;the fridge is 3 months old and lately shows the following symptoms:
+- very 24 hrs (defrost cycle ??) the fridge switches off, but afterwards does not switch on again; every +- 5 sec a relay? click is heard but the compressor does not (tries to?) switch on; this is going on for ever........
Also the alarm LED is flashing occasionally.
When I switch off /on the power the fridge starts running normally for a +- 24 hr cycle.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Ed Michaels replied 5 years ago.

Ed Michaels :

Hi, If machine ran normally for 3 months your problem is not likely with a plug in a drainage tube. depending on model, the plug may be necessary. the problem is with the defrost system, specifically with the ADC (Automatic Defrost Control) pcb, the terminating thermostat, defrost heater, or cold control. If your machine is still under warrantee, click on Defy Service. If you have a multimeter and are experienced with electricity and want to service machine yourself, let me know. ed


Good day,


sorry for the late reply.


Ref to the problem mentioned ,I noticed in the meantime that the "click" comes from the little plastic box on the side of the deep freezer compressor. This compressor feels also quite hot but the stuff inside is still frozen.


The alarm LED came on again once click status continues for a couple of hours.The only remedy seems to be to swith off the power for a short time.


Has the deep freeze departm,ent also a defrost cycle?

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