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I replaced the water inlet valve on my Amana ABC2037DPS fridge.

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I replaced the water inlet valve on my Amana ABC2037DPS fridge. Everything looks like it is hooked up properly but I am not getting any water from my dispenser. The water seems to be flowing into the filter but not through to the dispenser. The connections seem solid and there are no leaks. Any ideas?

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is XXXXX XXXXX i am an authorized whirlpool service tech and I can help you today


Jon Grella : What is the full model number found in the ref cabinet?


Jon Grella : Thank you
Jon Grella : Giveme one minute to look up your model ref.
Jon Grella : Be right back.


Jon Grella : Ok
Jon Grella : PIE have the diagrams and exploded view pictures
Jon Grella : I have worked on this model many times.


Jon Grella : What we the reason for replacing the water valve?

The flow was very weak


There was some leaking and orig thought it was the valve


no ice also at same time

Jon Grella : The flow was weak where? At the dispenser?
Jon Grella : And where was the leak? Did you see it leaking?

leak and ice problem ended up being frozen inlet within freezer

Jon Grella : Got it. That is common.

Had ordered the valve so figured it would at least fix the slow flow problem on the dispenser

Jon Grella : Ahh
Jon Grella : In fact in this case it was not your problem
Jon Grella : Sorry to tell you that


Jon Grella : Your problem is the line inside the back of the freezer is frozen

That was the problem with the ice maker but not the dispenser

Jon Grella : If you are sure that the water supply is turned back onto the machine and the connections are hooked up properly the simple fix is to let the machine defrost on its own for about 24 hours.

The dispenser had been slow flow for a long time


I thawed the inlet to the freezer with a hair dryer and got it working

Jon Grella : I am sorry I shouldn't have said not the problem. I meant only pa of the problem.

Thought the dispenser issue and freezer issue were not the same cause

Jon Grella : When the water valve malfunctions it will continually send water through the fill tube of the ice maker. This making it freeze over.
Jon Grella : All the issues are related.
Jon Grella : Let me explain a few things


Jon Grella : The original problem was the valve. It will fail to stop closing and continually let a little water through even when the ice maker or water dispenser in the door are not calling for water. This constant flow of water through the interior lines of the machine will casue the lines to freeze and give you the slow flow coming out of the dispenser. And give you the frozen fill tube in the ice maker area.
Jon Grella : You have fixed the first part of the problem
Jon Grella : The ice and water valve
Jon Grella : But now if the machine was not give proper time to defrost we need to do so now to fully fix this machine.
Jon Grella : There are two ways we cando it
Jon Grella : The right way
Jon Grella : And th quick way
Jon Grella : The right way is to turn the machine off or unplug it for about 24 hours and leave the doors open
Jon Grella : This will allow all the lines to defrost. But inThe meantime, if yu don't have another ref you will have to find alternative means to cool your food.
Jon Grella : And that was the quick way
Jon Grella : The hard way is to take a hair dryer to all the fill lines and the fill tubes of the water lines and the back evaporator of the freezer to defrost the lines manually
Jon Grella : I would recommend using a hair dryer in the back of the freezer cabinet first for at least an hour to defrost the lines their. Then go around back of the ref to defrost all the lines there.
Jon Grella : Then let the machine sit for about 12 hours and just monitor how it works.

Why would it have gone from slow flow to no flow with new valve?

Jon Grella : Because the line had completely frozen.
Jon Grella : Are you sure that you connected the wiring to the correct solenoids?

They were color coded - brown and yellow

Jon Grella : Yes. And usually one set of connectors is a bit smaller to.

I was worried about the tubes but they were diff sizes as well

Jon Grella : Habe you recently changed the water filter in the machine too.



Did that last week as a first resort

Jon Grella : Ok.
Jon Grella : Did you properly bleed the lines after replacing the filter?
Jon Grella : That is important to

My wife did it so prob not

Jon Grella : Ok.
Jon Grella : Inthat case first try bleeding the lines
Jon Grella : And to do so
Jon Grella : First remove the water filter and give it about a minute before reinstalling it
Jon Grella : Then after the filter is back in take a big jug and run the water at the dispenser
Jon Grella : It should come out. And if it does then you need to fill that jug to get about 40 ounces of water.

let me try that now

Jon Grella : If no water comes out then I would like you to disconnect the water line to the dispenser at the door hinge. There should be a coupling that connects the water to the door andthen to the dispenser. If that water line is disconnected and when the dispenser is pushed in water should flow out. If it doesn't then that means the water tank is frozen.
Jon Grella : The water tank is located in the back bottom of the ref cabinet. And it's close proximity to the freezer where all the cold is made, it sometimes freezes when left unused for a few days.

I do not see any line to the dispenser by the door


it seems to be all internal

Jon Grella : This could cause the water dispenser to not have a steady flow of water. So if you get o water after trying to dispense water and still no water after disconnecting the water tube at the bottom of the door near the hinge, then you know you have to defrost the machine and tank.
Jon Grella : Yes.
Jon Grella : It is internal
Jon Grella : If you open the door where the dispenser is and look down by the door hinge there should be a water tube.

no luck on the purge - I hear the filter fill back up but none out of the dispenser

Jon Grella : Ok
Jon Grella : And youhave a model with the dispenser in the interior of the side wall of th ref cabinet correct?

no water tube by the door hinge



Jon Grella : It looks likeit is on thrift side, correct?
Jon Grella : Ok.
Jon Grella : Hold on one minute. Let me look one thing up for you


Jon Grella : Yes the fill line to the water dispenser is inside the the wall of the ref.
Jon Grella : It can not be defrosted with a hair dryer.
Jon Grella : But you can defrost the water tank

so only option is empty it and let it sit open

Jon Grella : Remove th lower drawers in three cabinet and you will see it back there
Jon Grella : Frst try to manually defrost the water tank witha hair dryer
Jon Grella : Do you know where I am referring to?
Jon Grella : The water tank
Jon Grella : .

I see the tubing in the back behind the drawers

Jon Grella : I would first defrost th water tank by removing the food inThe ref. then take thbottom drawers out and you should clearly see the water tank. Just take a hair dryer and faint over the water tank about 4 inches away from it for about an hour.

Can I disconnect there and test it


Looks like quick connect


intestine looking tubes are full of water

Jon Grella : Yes. If you see the coupling there you cantry to disconnect it and get water from the dispenser. If it doesn't come out there then you know for sure the water tank is frozen
Jon Grella : Yes. Those tubes are theater tank
Jon Grella : They should be full of water
Jon Grella : The water from the valve goes to the tank there and is stored there until you get water at the dispenser. Then it flushes some of the watr fromthe tank out and refills with newer water. Then it cools when left to sit in the ref. this is how the water comes out cold.

the tank is full of water and I can move water when I shake it but no water comes out when I disconnect line out from it

Jon Grella : Ok. Thenthat means the water line intheback and through the machine is frozen.
Jon Grella : The best way to do defrost in this case is to leave the machine unplugged for atleast 24 hours with doors open.
Jon Grella : Unfortunatley



100% certain it is frozen lines?

Jon Grella : It just needs time to defrost fully. Then you can recheck after about 30 hours.
Jon Grella : Yes. If youAre sure the connections to thevalvewill where installed and word correctly.
Jon Grella : If you have a multi meter and an extra pair of hands we can check voltage at the water valve.
Jon Grella : This way we will know for sure the water valve is good.

shut off fridge and starting to get little bit of water from dispenser

Jon Grella : Otherwise, if you don't have a meter just defrost the machine for that time period and then recheck. If the machine still doesn't dispense the water then you know the valve is bad.
Jon Grella : Do you have a meter so we can check voltage atthe valve?

I am starting to get water out of dispenser just real slow flow

Jon Grella : Anddo you still have the water filter bypass that came with the machine?
Jon Grella : Do you have a meter?
Jon Grella : Therre was a filter bypass where the water filter should have gone. When there is no water filter in the machine you would need to use the bypass. Do you have the bypass?
Jon Grella : And do you have a meter?

I would need to dig for the bypass

Jon Grella : Do you have a meter?
Jon Grella : This is the only way of telling for sure there is proper voltage to the water valve. And this the only way to know for sure that is not the problem. I am only trying to answer your questions.
Jon Grella : If you don't have a meter then manually defrost the machine for at least 24 hours.

Any idea why the water would start to flow at this point?

Jon Grella : Yes.
Jon Grella : If you connected the valve wrong
Jon Grella : Or if you have a bad valve.

I have a meter but not sure I still have the bypass

Jon Grella : When the dispenser is calling for water at the valve it sends voltage to the solenoid. Then tells it to open and send the water to the tank then to the dispenser.
Jon Grella : Pic you have a meter with ac voltage good. We can check th voltage.
Jon Grella : Sorry
Jon Grella : Above I meant if you have
Jon Grella : Ok. So here is what you are going to do to check the voltage to the watw rave.
Jon Grella : Water valve
Jon Grella : First pull ther ref out a bit so you can easily access the water valve in the back of the machine without disconnecting the lines.
Jon Grella : Then remove the back lower access panel that hides the water valve. Then remove the screws holding the water valve in place to give you more room.

need to get get the meter

Jon Grella : Then remove th wire connector fromthe side of the valve that has the larger water line. That is the water line to the water dispenser. I don't know for sure if it is the brown or yellow. I don't have the wiring diagram. But it is always the wires just over the larger water tube of the valve.
Jon Grella : Then remove the wires and only th wires and not the tube.
Jon Grella : And place the leads to the meter into each terminal of the wires. Don't test the valve. We need to test the voltage to the wires. So again, place the wires from your meter to the wires of the connector onthe valve. Make sure the are stuck inThe connectors good and don't come out. Then place th meter on ac voltage.
Jon Grella : Then tell your partner or extra set of hands to get water at the dispenser. At that time they are getting water from the dispenser you should have a 120 volts ac at the wires.
Jon Grella : If you don't then you are eother checking the wrong wires or there is wiring issue. Which is uncommon.
Jon Grella : You can pull the other wired lead off the other part of th valve. And check again. This way if you had inadvertently Michel up the wires you Cantrell for sure.

what level AC voltage

Jon Grella : So check th other wires inThe same way


Jon Grella : You should have 110 volts ac
Jon Grella : Whichusually ends up reading about 120

I have 10/50/250/500 settings on meter


assuming 250

Jon Grella : If you have full voltage when checking and still don't get water then you have a frozen fill line and needs to b defrosted.
Jon Grella : Is the meter digital or analogue?
Jon Grella : If it doesn't have a spot where it says a voltage then set it to 250


Jon Grella : Ok
Jon Grella : Just make sure it is on ac and not ec voltage and check the wires.
Jon Grella : And finally
Jon Grella : After checking if you have voltage and still no water to the dispenser and have left the ref unplugged to defrost for at least 24 hours and still no water , then you have a bad water valve.
Jon Grella : Run those checks and then you will see what is the problem for sure.
Jon Grella : The water valve is part number 67005154. Just so we are sure that you installed the right valve in your machine. If you have any other part number for the valve on your machine it is the wrong one.

The larger tub went to yellow wires

Jon Grella : Yes. That is what I am seeing here as well

I hooked up meter and had her hit the disp button and no reading on meter

Jon Grella : Are you sure that the machine is on plugged in and that the meter was set correctly? And that youhad the wires from the meter onthe wires only to the valve and not thevalvewill?

I put the wires on the two leads that the plug goes into. There is a hole on each of them

Jon Grella : No. You need to check atthe wires of the connector. Not on the valve.
Jon Grella : Put your leads to the word connector and try again.
Jon Grella : Sorry I meant to the wired connection and try again.

I just realized what you were asking. I need to test the wire not the connection

Jon Grella : Again at the same time your wife is holding down the watwr
Jon Grella : Yes. That is correct
Jon Grella : Once you pull the ores off the valve there will be no power to the valve.

Sorry about that. I got a reading pretty close to what you said. I had it on 250 and the meter went 1/2 way

Jon Grella : Yes.
Jon Grella : That is good. Thenwe know there is full voltage to the valve.

So valve is good and lines are frozen basically?

Jon Grella : Almost.
Jon Grella : We can't be sure of that yet until you defrost the machine.
Jon Grella : If after defrosting the machine for over 24 hours and you get water thenwe know it was just frozen

If the defrost does not work what is left?

Jon Grella : If after defrosting it still doesn't give you water themYou know the valve is bad. Just returnit for another.
Jon Grella : Whatis the part number of the valve you installed?
Jon Grella : I will check to make sure it was the right one.


Jon Grella : Yup that is it.
Jon Grella : So if after defrosting if themachine still doesn't dispense water return the valve because it is bad.

Alright - I will try a defrost this weekend and see what happens


hope the hell that is it.

Jon Grella : But Iam sure you willing thatthe defrosting will work. Just give it enough time to fully defrost
Jon Grella : It should

k - thx for your patience

Jon Grella : If you have any other questions just email meback here and I will help you more. And for no extra charge after you hit accept button below
Jon Grella : Before logging out tonight
Jon Grella : You got it.

Will do


Have a good oone



Jon Grella : You to.
Jon and 4 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for accepting my answer today.

If you have any other questions or if after letting the machine defrost fully and you still don't have water to the dispenser, please email me back here and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.