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hi-my digital board on my wizard ge washer is out of sync=could

Resolved Question:

hi-my digital board on my wizard ge washer is out of sync=could you help me=i believe it,s the sequence that is out of order. thank you.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  kingmz replied 5 years ago.

kingmz : Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I want you to do is turn off the unit by the breaker for 3 minutes then turn it back on. Also could you read me the model number. Open the door and it will be along the frame on a sticker with the serial number.

okay=have unplugged it, if thats what you mean==the model number is XXXXX 7003 aoww

kingmz : Ok

i have just plugged it in again, and the water is now running, however there is one button that would like to turn off, and that is the hand wash button =i will try pressing it again, don,t know how it lit up...judt tried to get rid of the hand wash but the light won,t go out, and all the rest of the ligjhts reverted to the botton row=i could just press the buttons i want, but the hand wash is stubborn.=how does the hand wash work,==i don,t really need it because i don,t have any intention to hand wash anything which is why have a wash machine. thank you.


do i need to anything else....thank you.

kingmz : Sometimes unplugging the machine clears the membrane and that's all you need. Hand wash is the operation where it washes delicates and agitates slower. If you are satisfied with my answer please accept it. Thank you and best of luck!
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