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My Jenn-air refrigirator (model JCD2389GEQ) is not cooling

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My Jenn-air refrigirator (model JCD2389GEQ) is not cooling down properly. The freezer section is just cold and the refr. is basically room temperature. The motor is running non-stop. How can I fix it?
Hello and thank you for using this service.

The problem you have is very common. Go behind the unit and remove the lower panel. You will see the compressor (large black ball); put your hand on it. If it is hot or warm and NOT vibrating, unplug the unit. Mounted on the compressors left hand side is the compressor relay. The relay just slides straight back off the two posts after taking the cover or safety wire off that keeps it in place. The relay will most likely look like an off white square block with or without a black square capacitor plugged onto it. Yours may have a black cover over the relay. You have to slip a screedriver into the cover to pop it off if that is the style you have.

Once you take it off, pull the relay should pull straight off. Shake the relay. It will most likely sound like there is sand inside as the relay has disintegrated. You need to order a new relay kit if this is the case. This relay kit comes with all the relay styles and instructions. You have to reuse your capacitor so do not throw it out if yours has one attached. Also on rare occasions the relay will melt so badly that it ruins the compressor terminal and actually gets fused onto it. If this happens you may need a new compressor lets hope not. Here is a link to the part so you can see the kit.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

you mentioned above that the copressor should be vibrating and worm to the touch. It seems to me that it is worm to the touch but it is vibrating; does that make any difference?


Ok if it is vibrating then it is running. Check Open the freezer door and look at the back panel and vent slots...Do you see any white snowy frost?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, definite, there is frost.
Ok what you will need to do is remove the two screws that hold the lower panel in place. Take the lower panel out and you will need to melt the frost off the coil. Use a steamer if you have one, if not hot water will work with a towel under the evaporator to catch most of the water. You can use a hair dryer but that will take awhile. When you get the panel off make sure the whole coil is frosted not just part of it. If part of it is frosted and the rest is bare aluminum that is a very bad sign. If it all is frosted then you are having a defrost issue.

The most common thing that goes wrong with the defrost system on that unit is the adaptive defrost control...That is located in the refrigerator section above and to the back right of the controls. You need to look towards the back and there are two locking tabs. Pull down on the trim panel until it clears and then pull the panel towards have to flex it down pretty far.

Once that is off you will see 2....1/4" screws and 2... large head phillips screws...mounting the controls to the ceiling.....there is also 1.... 1/4" screw that is all the way in back that has to be removed. and two small screws towards the back right that are close together that hold the defrost control in you will be taking out 7 screws all together.

When you get them out the panel will come down...You will be able to reach to the far back right to the small square electronic board. There is one modular plug that goes to it....unplug it. If you want to test the heater circuit. Get a small paper clip and stick it in the modular plugs YELLOW AND WHITE wire to the plug(UNPLUG THE UNIT FIRST).....If the evaporator is still frozen the heater should come after plugging it back in. If you are not sure just get a insulate pliers and pull the paperclip out slowly...if you see a spark the heater circuit is working.

Then just replace that control board as it is bad. There is a 99% chance the board is bad and the heater circuit is good. They all went bad on that unit. Here is a link to the control

PART #13 on the diagram so you can see where it is


Now on that uni
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

it is late and I'm going to have to go to bed (got to work tomorrow). I'm not going to be able to pull the circuit board today, but i will do that tomorrow. Would it make any sense to order the circuit board tomorrow, or should i wait to see if the coil is only partially frosted. I didn't quite understand how to verify if the coil is all frosted. Basically the frost covers most of the back wall of the freezer starting right bellow the ice cube maker. Should I take that wall out? should I leave the refrigerator running or should I unplug it to defrost it and work on it tomorrow?


I would unplug it and let it more than likely is all frosted as you are seeing it. I would order the board, the heaters rarely go bad and that defrost T-stat does not either. The boards always do, I stokc that on my service truck, just did one the other day. The factory part number is XXXXX you can get it cheaper from,

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks, i'll do that.

if for whatever reason that would not work, should i get in touch with justanswer or... with you? i just noticed that i got a text message on my cell phone every time i replied. is that phone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX) from justanswer or from you?

Anyhow you have been very helpfull and easy to follow your instructions; thanks!

You can just post back here....I will get it and the best way to thank me is by clicking Accept as this is the only way us techs receive credit, tips are always with you soon