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I need help with an AEG Lavamat W 1460 (year 2004) The detergent

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I need help with an AEG Lavamat W 1460 (year 2004)

The detergent dispenser does not flush in fabric softener anymore. The drawer is clear, no gummed up conditioner or detergent, the syphon pipe is clear(removable white plastic piece), water pressure is high, water here is pretty soft, no lime deposits. I ran a gentle rinse program and watched the program, water was dispensed in the right chamber at usual pressure on the first two water intakes, but for the last rinse where it should have been dispensed in the middle chamber, it was also dispensed in the right chamber.

When running a regular cycle, water is first being flushed into the right chamber (stain treatment/pre-wash) and then into the left chamber(detergent) as usual.

In older models I saw a mechanical diverter valve that was actuated with a rod from the program clock. How does this work on this machine?

How can I remove/check the dispenser unit on this model?



Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name Is XXXXX XXXXX I am an appliance expert here and I can help you


Jon Grella : Of the dispenser is failing on ou you could check the diverter valve to make sure it is not skipping the last rinse cycle
Jon Grella : Just remove the screws from the top panel and pull off the top panel and under it you will see the dispenser and diverter valve on the dispenser.

That's what I figured I have to do.

Jon Grella : Yup
Jon Grella : It is that easy to remove the top and check the diverter.

Is this a separate part or a molded assembly with drawer?

Jon Grella : If it is activating it will swing the plastic lever arm back and forth then lock into place. And then send the water into the right cup
Jon Grella : On some models it can be purchased separately and on some models it is part of the dispenser assembly

What moves the lever? A pneumatic actuator?

Jon Grella : Similar
Jon Grella : The diverter has a couple of wires or connectors running to it and it receives voltage from the control board. And depending on what cycle the machine is on, the timer or control will send the signal to the diverter and tell it where and when to rotate and open in each cup.
Jon Grella : What is the full model number found just behind the door on your machine?
Jon Grella : I will look up the parts for you.
Jon Grella : Open the top and see if the diverter is moving at all before each fill cycle.
Jon Grella : And if it is not moving just before the rinse cycle then we will check the voltage to it to make sure the control board is good and the diverter is bad.

I guess it must be moving as water gets dispensed in the left and right cup depending on the cycle

Jon Grella : Usually it is the diverter that is bad if the water doesn't even come into the cup at all.
Jon Grella : That is correct. And will usually be the case
Jon Grella : It is common repair for this model machine
Jon Grella : I would even recommend replacing the whole dispenser assembly
Jon Grella : On a machine that is almost ten years old it is bound to have some pretty good build up in it any way

The type # XXXXX XXXXX B ME IB 05 A serial # XXXXX

Jon Grella : That is the model number found on the sticker on the machine?
Jon Grella : Doesnt seem like a good model number

LW 1460

Jon Grella : I got it. Nevemind
Jon Grella : I am looking it up for you now.

I will check this out tomorrow - can I email you?

Jon Grella : Yes. But you would have to hit accept button now. This way you can keep this chat open and I can get back in touch with you here. And vice versa.
Jon Grella : After you hit the green accept button below now today, you will have access to come back here for up to a month and ask any questions you would like for no extra charge. And I will respond to all of them for no extra charge.

Great, thanks for your reply!

Jon Grella : You got it.
Jon and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for accepting my answer today.

I will get the info you need for the parts in your machine. Please in the meantime look at the machine and the diverter and tell me if it is functioning or not.

You can always get back in touch with me here. Just email me back here and I will see that you have responded and answer you back as quickly as possible.

Talk to you soon.

Thanks again.
Also, as I advised above, please clean the dispenser first before replacing any parts. And make sure the conditioner middle insert in the dispenser is fully inserted. If it is not, it could give you the same problem you are having now.

Please remove the dispenser assembly fulling by grabbing hold of the center bottom of the dispenser and firmly pull it out from the tracks. It should come completely out of the dispenser. With the dispenser out from the machine o can remove the cups and clean thoroughly with warm soapy water. Then rinse again with just water and dry. Also take a wire brush and clean the dispenser assembly in the machine. Making sure that you clean the roof of the inner dispenser where the water enter the cups.

Make sure when putting th cups back in the dispenser they are in the correctly location and are firmly in place. If the center conditioner tray is not all the way down and firmly in place it will give you the same problem you are having now. S make sure that it is down all the way.

Then put the dispenser back in the machine. Fit it into the tracks and push in. And try the machine again.

If it dispenses normally, then you could very well just have had a dirty dispenser. Or a raised conditioner cup. And if that is the case, you are good to go. And just make sure again, that ou clean the dispenser often to prevent this from happening again.

If that doesn't fix the problem it is likely that you need a whole new dispenser assembly complete with diverter valve.

And I will get you the part info when you email me back letting me know the cleaning of the dispenser did not work.

I have also including a link to the user manual for this machine. Just in case you didn't have it already. Just high light and right click on the following link to open and view and print the manual.

Thanks again for accepting my answer today. And please email me back here at any time if you have a question or concern and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Jon,

I have already done this, the drawer and insert are clean, the ceiling of the drawer is clean the nozzles are free of soap scum. I will have to open the top cover and check out the dispenser unit and diverter valve. How do you remove the cover? just loosen the screws at the back and slide the top off?

Yes. That is correct. To remove the top panel you will have to remove thscrews in theback of the machine on the top panel. Nearest to the top rights left corners of the machine.

After those screws are removed themYou will be able to remove the top panel. After the panel is off you will see the top of the dispenser and the diverter.

Just put the washer in a new normal cycle and push start button and watch to see the swing arm of the diverter move into position. If you notice that the swing arm is either not moving or constantly moving then it could be broken.

Just take a look at how it is moving.

Please email me back here if you need more help.

And like I mentioned earlier, you must make sure the conditioner is fully inserted into the dispenser otherwise, this dispenser will not function properly.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I took off the cover and discovered that there is no mechanical diverter valve on this machine, there are two solenoid valves at the back that direct the incoming water(this machine also only has a cold water supply line).

The very strange thing is that there are actually three sockets for solenoid valves, but only two valves, the third one is plugged(not with dirt but no hole drilled).

I took out the entire dispenser assembly to wash in warm water for the parts that I was not able to reach just taking out the drawer. When I looked closer I noticed that the water channels for the middle drawer are in fact connected to the plugged (unused) intake. So if there was a third solenoid, this would be clearly for the conditioner cup, but there are only two pairs of wires(black and white) and two solenoids, and both function properly, when selecting a pre-wash /stain program the solenoid for the right chamber opens, when running a regular cycle the solenoid for the left cup opens. On Each cycle the 'Pre Wash' cup gets water first and if applicable after some time the other valve opens and flushes out the 'Wash' cup.

There are some bypass channels that would allow water from both intakes to partially be directed to the middle cup. But I cannot figure out how this system has worked in the past with only two intake valves. Up to two weeks ago, conditioner was always flushed properly.

After cleaning all parts thoroughly I reassembled the machine and ran a full cycle laundry with conditioner in the middle cup - and again it was not washed out. After I added half a cup of water the content drained properly out. So obviously no water was distributed into this cup.

I was hoping to find someone with experience on this particular model and who has access to drawings and repair manuals from Electrolux. I can find drawings for current models on the German AEG website, but it does not list the export models and there does not seem to be a public source for north america.

Do you know this model or have you seen this kind of dispenser and can you explain how it can have worked with two solenoids?
First, I don't have access to the drawings or diagrams for this exported model machine. It is hard to comedy when a machine is made over seas.

I do have knowledge and experience working with these machines. And there are many models that some have diverter valves and some have just the water valves. Which the solenoids you are referring to are the solenoids for those valves.

The solenoids will open and close th valves according to what cycle you are running.

If the machine had been running fine since you got it up until about 2 weeks ago and you took the dispenser out to clean it, and that did not help, then you may either need a new valve or a dispenser.

The way this dispenser works is by a syphon of water coming into the cup. So when the water fills the cup, whether it be regular deterrent or softner or bleach, the water fills the cup to the point where a syphon will force the water down the drain hole in that cup. So if the drain hole is either plugged or dirty with logged up old detergent or softner, the water will not make it down the hole and intot the wash. Also, there is a plastic cap that sits over the hole of the cups on some models. This prevents the water coming into the cup from just going straight down the hole first without filling up the cup first. But if that cap is on too tightly to the hole it will not raise with water level and let the water and detergent or softner or bleach go into the wash. So please make sure the plastic cap is not on to tightly.

I see this problem a lot these days and it is usually one of two things. First, the water pressure from the house not turned fully open. Which would cause less water to fill into the cup and go down the drain hole in the detergent cup dispenser. Or two, a clogged or dirty dispenser or damaged dispenser.

So if you are sure that the dispenser is working properly and is not dirty and the plastic cup is ok and not forced on too tightly, then I would check your water supply to make sure it is fully open.

And if the supply is fully open then I would call for service company to command heck it out for you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
I have specifically asked about this imported appliance and elaborated that I did the usual troubleshooting that involves cleaning and proper use. I was aware the the usual problem solving for this problem, I needed a more specific answer. Jon has made me believe that he knew the washer and how it works, but it turned out he did not, he probably has never repaired this brand before, his answers were most generic. I was hoping to find somebody who has experience with AEG/Electrolux appliances and has access to repair manuals / drawings and possibly hands on experience. He did his best to reply as prompt as possible and I trust that he has experience in his field, but he should have been honest to say sorry, have not seen this before.

You may pass this question back up for grabs or refund $ 39 that I prepaid.

I apologize for not having access to the drawings for this machine. But they will not help you here with your problem. And there is no schematic that will tell you how to use the dispenser properly anyway nor will it show you more then what you already see in front of you The manual, that I have supplied for you in previous posts, will explain some steps that can be done to fix the issue you are having. But if you have done those steps then like I said before, there is not much else I can tell you then to get a new dispenser or check the water flow and supply to your machine.

If you were to read it thoroughly you will see exactly what I said is what the manual recommends you can do to remedy your situation you are experiencing with the dispenser. For tis kind of problem you will not need any kind of drawing to help yo figure out the problem. And if you have done the steps, which it seems you have, then you need to replace the dispenser or water valves. I is just that simple and I don't know what else you are looking for?

I have worked on this model and brand before. Remember that I am a certified Electrolux authorized service technician. Aeg is the foreign brand by Electrolux if you didn't know that already. With your model being made overseas it is hard for a technician to get any info on your model here in the states. But again, that info doesn't help you much with this problem you are having.

If you would like to call aeg or Electrolux directly please feel free to do so and they will tell ou the same as I have. I you feel that someone else could help you more by all means lets see if someone else has some insight as to what they think th problem could be.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I asked for drawings not to learn how to use the dispenser. In my initial posting I have already explained that I have followed the usual steps regarding cleaning the dispenser parts and that I understand how the conditioner flows into the washer. I need the drawing to understand which spare parts are available and which ones I might have to purchase to fix this problem.

Your answer is that if all troubleshooting according to the owner's manual fails you will need to call service or replace all parts that relate to the dispenser. In the meantime I have found the drawings myself along with a spare part SKU and price list on the German AEG site. The unit consists of 6 parts totaling close to $ 500 replacement value. I obviously will not buy all of them to see if this fixed the problem, this is why I ask for someone who has actually worked on AEG washers and has been confronted with this problem.

I would like pass this on to someone who can tell me more specifically which part of the available parts has to be replaced and what test I should conduct first to confirm that this part needs replacing.

I told you many time now to replace the dispenser assembly. If you can't get the assembly or don't want to because of the cost, which$500 is ridiculously way too expensive for plastic, then just replace the cups. But to fix your problem you need to replace the complete dispenser.

I would try getting the parts wholesale or on line at sites like eBay or amazon.

Sme people have also drilled holes intot eh cups of the dispenser to allow the detergent and softner to flow easily into the wash. But please realize when doing this the soap or softner you put in will rinse through the wash every time the cups is filled.

I you don't like my answers or just would rather work with someone else, please feel free. Good luck trying to find someone to do so for this model.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Forget it - this is not personal, but you just don't get it, you do not even try to understand the question