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My Amana Tandem 7300 (approx 1 year old) front loading washer

Resolved Question:

My Amana Tandem 7300 (approx 1 year old) front loading washer isnt working correctly. GF first experienced issue so I am not certain of the initial symptoms.
The washer stopped in the middle of a load and did not drain. When GF first tried restarting the cycle she heard a quiet buzzing or humming.
At present, the washer turns on fine, allows you to select different cycles, water temp.
When you press start, however, the door locks and nothing happens. The washer doesnt cycle past the 'add garment' stage. No more buzzing.
When I press and hold the start/pause button, sometimes the washer makes a half hearted half or quarter spin and then stops and releases door lock.
What I have done so far: Unplug unit for 5+ minutes - no change. Disconnected drain hose and blew out (towards drain) - was not clogged, no change. Blew into drain output at rear of washer - did not feel clogged, could hear air bubbling up into standing water inside, no change.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.
Hello and thank you for using this service.

The issue you have is related to the pump more than likely. There is probably a bra wire , coin, or sock that got into the pump and jammed it. When this happens you will just get the humming noise and it will not pump out. You need to remove the back panel and you will see the pump located inside on the left hand side. You need to remove the hoses to it especially the one that goes from the outer tub to the pump. Take the piump out and check it well and see if there is anything in the hose. There is a chance the pump has burned out, but more than likely there will be something stuck in it. Lasly some of the units have a lint catch inside the tube that goes from the outer tub to the pump. Just check that hose very well, unless you find something very obvious.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
A couple follow ups.
On these particular model the pump is in the front, bottom right. Its much easier to access from the front bottom panel (3 screws as opposed to 20).
Also the hose you referred to was clean, however a word of warning - check the pump before this hose as the clamp was a nightmare to reinstall.
Also, the Tandem 7300 pump has a nifty little strainer attached to it. You can unscrew an access opening and clear out the strainer and get a peak at the impeller.
Through this opening I could see some rubber bands and even a bobby pin that somehow worked there way in.

My last concern is I found an unused cotter pin laying on the floor under the tub, any idea what this is for?
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.
I am sorry I pulled up the 7200 model that is very different from the 7300, yes remove the bottom panel and strainer. Once the strainer is out reach into the pump with your finger and see if the impeller blade turns. It should turn about 1/2 way then half a little resistance then turn free again. If it is completely loose it may be broken iff the motor shaft, if that is the case you would need a new pump. Check it out and see
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