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i have a magic chef oven model 34jn-5tkvw, the oven temp is

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i have a magic chef oven model 34jn-5tkvw, the oven temp is erratic, won't come up to temp., i've changed the sensor, only to find out(with ohmmeter) that old one was good. the oven will go up to 550 deg., but then it's hard to regulate at say 350 or 400. the flame looks good. can't think of a solution
Hi my name isXXXXX will try to help you with your issue. You may have a weak igniter, how long does it take for the burner to light during the initial preheat? If it's not maintaining the proper temperature or holding the temperature check the igniter during the operation, is it glowing but the burner is not coming on? If the igniter is weak it could glow but not open the valve after the initial heat up. The igniter should light the flame in around 60-90 seconds if it's not doing that it's weak. So check the igniter operation if you have an amp probe you can check it that way too, it has to at least draw 3.5 amps in order to open the valve. If the igniter is good then the thermostat/control could be bad or out of calibration.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the burner seems to cycle just comes on in less than 40 seconds.......thermostat control i believe is in the electronic display..........i've changed the sensor as explained, but the display "says" it's a temp when it's not and that's a $300 item i believe
Ok i just wanted to be sure that we didn't rule out the igniter that could also cause erratic temperatures, your right the thermostat is the control, it's not reading the proper temperature, how far is the temperature off, there may be a calibration built into it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
that's in the electronic display right?
Yes that is correct, one other thing you can do, it sounds like you have an ohm meter, check the wiring between the control and the sensor, there should be no resistance, if it has any resistance that could lead to improper temperature readings also, sometimes the fittings/connectors build up corrosion also. Disconnect on both ends and clean them off and check the resistance.
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