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Why does the GE dryer shut off after a few minutes of

Customer Question

GE dryer stops running about 2 minutes after you turn it on with a load in it. It did it earlier and actually broke the dryer belt and the motor smelled burnt. I replaced the motor and the belt, but it continues to stop running soon after it gets going.

Any suggestions on what it might be? I assume at this point it is a sensor, but I haven't a clue as to which one? GE Dryer model #DLLSR33EF0WC.

Submitted: 5 years ago via PartSelect.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

Good evening glenn.after you try restarting it, what will it do?

JACUSTOMER-s7a7n7nl- : It tries to turn slowly and then stops and hums
gst85 : hmm,ok that would be a motor issue
JACUSTOMER-s7a7n7nl- : The motor is brand new
gst85 : If you manually rotate the drum by hand,does it have tension?
JACUSTOMER-s7a7n7nl- : Normal tension
gst85 : Ok about how long ago did it stop again?
JACUSTOMER-s7a7n7nl- : My wife put a load in the dryer about 6 days ago, and while we were in our bedroom we heard a loud bang and smelled burning. I unplugged the dryer and went to bed. I looked at it the next morning and found the belt shredded - it was a new belt. The motor smelled fried, so ordered and replaced the motor about 3 days ago. We tried to start a load of laundry and it started fine for about 2 minutes and shut off.
gst85 : ok the motor spinning freely from the blower.that will cause this problem as well. So if you try to restart it right away,will it run?
JACUSTOMER-s7a7n7nl- : Not exactly. I just now turned the dryer on with no wet clothes in it and it seems to run fine. I am asking my wife to put a load of wet clothes in and start it to see what happens.
Ok, the dryer drum stops turning in about a minute after a load of clothes are in it. If I take the clothes out it turns ok. If I put the clothes back in now it won't turn with the motor, but I can spin it by hand. Could it be a sensor letting the dryer get too hot? It seems to run with the motor when you first put clothes in it while it is cool and then stops once it reaches a temperature.
gst85 : Ok yes check the exhaust vent for any blockage, that will cause this problem as well. Just one question,do you notice the top cover getting hot or very warm?
JACUSTOMER-s7a7n7nl- : Top is normal warm, no blockage in the exhaust vent. Again motor turned drum just fine with no noise or over heating when there are no clothes in it. If it were a sensor, would it make it over heat with or without clothes? Ok I just tried putting in about half the amount of clothes and it seems to run ok. now please know that we don't over load our dryer. it used to take the amount of clothes, and more, than we put in when this problem developed. I only have a small amount of clothes in it now and it is still running

Is there a sensor that controls load? Would the sensor on the belt tension pulley arm shut it off? Well that was a stopped again, but it took longer with less clothes in it.

Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

No, I understand that the motor is new but if its overheating and then shutting down, that just going to be a bad motor.

There is no sensor that would cause this.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I understand that sometimes a manufacturer can give you a defective part, in this case a motor, but Isn't it odd that 2 motors (the old and new one) would do the same exact thing? Could it be a plug, or the outlet?

Before I accept your answer for you to get paid, would you mind if I contact GE and ask them to swap out the new motor to see if this works?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

In answer to your question, I put the new motor in and it still does the same thing. I can do about 1/2 of a load and it does okay, but any more than that it runs for about 2 minutes tops and then does not want to spin. I think that motor still wants to go, but the drum does not want to spin. I can smell it burning up the belt if I don't go stop it. I can spin the drum by hand after I stop it, but it seems to have a little drag on it. Suggestions?

Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

Ok check the bowler for any blockage, it may be jammed.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Over the weekend I had a chance to completely tear apart the dryer venting tubes and find absolutely no blockage, not even a small one. I try to always keep it clear decrease the chance of fire, so I did't really expect to find any. The problem continues to exist.

Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

Ok your cycling thermostat would be another probable cause to this problem.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am no expert on this by any means, which is why I turn to folks like you, but I guess I don't understand how a cycling thermostate could be the problem when it works fine with a smaller load in it. I would think that the cycling thermostat would kick off the motor no mattter what size load that I have in the dryer if it thinks that the cycle should end early? The problem appears to be related to load capacity and not a timing event.

I plan to take the top of the dryer off tonight and watch exactly what it does when I put a normal size load in it. I wish that I could see around the drum to the motor area to see what's going on there, but as you know the drum takes up the entire space. I am wondering if the motor actually wants to keep turning, but the drum is locking up, or getting caught up on something during a full load. Could it possibly be the plastic roller that keeps tension on the belt? That would make sense to me if the heavier load is creating more drag on the belt and if the plastic roller is not right in terms of being out of round, it would lock up and the belt would be under greater pressure when trying to turn with the motor and the belt would burn up like it did before I replaced the motor?

Expert:  gst85 replied 5 years ago.

Remove the top, monitor a cycle, tell me if it stops with a large or small load.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay, last night I took the top off of the dryer and watched what happened when I put a full load of laundry in it. This time it did not stop as it previously did. I did another load and again it cycled through completely. My wife told me that just 2 days ago she could not dry more than 2 towels at a time because it kept stopping with any more than that. I know for sure it was stopping with any more than a half load in it, as I saw it myself. I don't get why it seems to be okay now?

I will do more laundry over the next few days and see how it goes. I will get back to you sometime next week to give you an update?