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Our Maytag h7dg2a0a 3b keep showing the SUD indicator. Ive

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Our Maytag h7dg2a0a 3b keep showing the 'SUD' indicator. I've looked up on Knowledgebase articles, and it says we are showing too many suds in our wash cycle that do not allow it to dry. However, we always use HE detergents. The next article would seem indicate it has something to do with the drain pump. Is this accurate? Is there something else needed?
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this code can come up even if its not actually suds causing it. the code means its not draining correctly or fast enough. you need to check the drain pump and drain hoses for an obstruction. if you find none the pump is weak and needs to be replaced. pull the hoses from the pump and check it. also make sure the drain hose isn't kinked somewhere cause poor draining.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your answer. It is very helpful, but need one bit of clarification. Where is the pump located on this model?
okay, first where did you get the model # XXXXX ? its not comming up. can you open the door and look on the tag for the full model # ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is a Maytag MFW9600SQ1 (sorry for the delay)
Okay great ! this has the pump trap in it, you will need to follow the videos below and clean the trap. the video actually shows you how to replace the pump but it will get you to it. what you need to do is unscrew the trap counter clockwise and pull it out. get some towels there will be some water, unscrew it slow and let the water out before removing trap. click this blue link for the video. Video clear the pump trap and you should be good to go. if not replace the pump (thats rare however) thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks! You are awesome!!!
your very welcome, have a great day and thanks, Bryan