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I cannot get my Bosch dishwasher timer to return to zero/CL.

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I cannot get my Bosch dishwasher timer to return to zero/CL. It is about 10-11 years old. I can't start a new cycle as no water enters the washer.
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does the pump keep running and running and never seem to stop ? can you hear a pump that runs all the time ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, the pump keeps running and never seems to stop. I ran it for 15-20 minute recently and turned it off since it never reset.
this means you have water in the base pane under the dishwasher. the float is stuck in an up position keeping the drain pump in the pan running. the float is # XXXXX on this diagram.this is difficult to get to and dry the pan out. what you need to do is pull the machine from under the counter and remove the left side panel. there will be a small opening you can get a small towel into and sop up the water. the only other way to do this is take a hair dryer and remove the front panel under the door # XXXXX on this diagram , and point the hair dryer under the machine and let it dry the pan out, this could take all day though. once the pan is dry you can restart the machine as normal. I have the same machine and have had to do this several times over the years. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
One more question: for the past several months, the cycle I put it on either delicate or regular sometimes runs for 2 hours. That does not seem right and about twice what I recall it being.
This fact plus the one I raised first led me to think I needed to replace it. What do you think?
well running a long time during a cycle sounds like the heater isn't comming on. if the heater doesn't come on the water wont heat and the machine will take a long time to cycle. its not the timer itself , usually the heater is bad or a bad solder connection on the board, you would need to pull the machine to check the heater though its in the back right corner.# XXXXX on this diagram,
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