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I have a Amana model aer58450af it heats up to hot and cooks

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I have a Amana model aer58450af it heats up to hot and cooks uneven. Makes the outside crunchy and the inside uncooked. Its only 3 years old and dont cook wright do you know whats wrong with it Thank You.

Robert :


Robert :

This can be one of two problems.

Robert :

One of the elements in the oven has gone out. You will need to confirm that the elements are functioning in your unit. On bake, the bottom element should get red hot off and on during use and the upper element(broil) will get hot to help circulate the air.


they both are working bottom and top . If I put it on broil the top gets red .hot . If I try to cook with it at 250 degrees it still burns the outside of stuff.

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The second thing it could be is the temp sensor in the oven OR the control board/clock. The temp sensor can be tested, at room temperature, with a voltmeter set to ohms. It should read between 1080 - 1100 ohms if it is good. Any reading that is far from that OR no reading at all could indicate the sensor as being bad. This will cause an inaccurate reading and varied temps in the oven. Usually the clock will code with an F error when the sensor or clock is bad but sometimes it does not on some units. If the sensor is good and the elements are good then you will need to replace the control/clock to correct the issue. I will be glad to help you with any other issues you are having, just let me know.
Are you able to see my post about the temp sensor or clock? Let me know and I will repost it for you.