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Kenmore stacked upright washer and dryer built 10/10 model

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Kenmore stacked upright washer and dryer built 10/10 model #417.97912704 serial # XXXXX
Has a plastic tub which appears loose with approx 1/2" of radial wobble causes severe thumping and hot plastic smell. to remove the agitator how do I the plastic cap off. It feels like I will break the tab off before the agitator cap gets loose. Then will there be somthing I can tighten to fix the drum wobble?

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Give us a minute to pull up your model. I will be back soon.


your top agitator cap does just pull off. are all the spring in place on the tub?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes the piece shown just pulls off , the actual cap is below that with a plastic tab to turn or pull?? and it must come off to get at the agitator retaining nut?
if your talking about # XXXXX on this diagram then it does just pull up . sometimes these can get stuck from the soap just pull it straight up and out.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok so what do you think is causing the excessive tub run out? what is the solution
your snubber is worn. # XXXXX on this diagram , this prevents the tub from wobbling. these are a pain to replace. you will need to take the springs off and lift the whole tub assembly to slide it out and the new one in, here a link to the part. well wishes, Bryan
This snubber is plastic. thus the burning plastic smell. hope you received my info. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Bryan,
I'm back at the washer, here is what I found: after removing the agitator-thanks for the info on how to remove that cap,
1 of the 2 bolts which clamp the spinning drum to the drive shaft was sheared off at the head of the bolt, the other bolt was crimped and about to let go. The rim of the spinning drum was a melted mess of stringy plastic. I replaced both bolts and reassembled all...., At the first wash cycle loaded we get a loud creaking noise and water on the floor. oh shit
So I tear it down again. and I pull the spinning drum off and see the seal at the drive shaft is torn, looks like I didn't raise the drum up before bolting it tight so it had rubbed on the seal, my bad. I got a seal kit from the local appliance repair shop. So is thier a lubricant I need to use to install the new seal , would soap be ok to use to slide it on, looks like a brass to graphite sealing surface, is any lube appropriate for that.
snubber looks good, I don't think that is a problem on this machine -yet.
I would use soap. these can be a pain if you don't get them seated correctly. unusual to hear the bolts sheared off. must have been loose.
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