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Hi, I have a 27 year old GE electric range. I just turned

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I have a 27 year old GE electric range. I just turned the oven on to 400°, and heard a loud humming noise coming from the oven. Sparks flew out of the oven and smoke came from the top right burner that opens onto the range.

When the smoking stopped, I opened the oven and saw that one end of the electric element at the bottom of the stove had separated and the metal had melted at the separation.

My questions are these:
1. Is there a chance of fire? Do I need to do anything or will the oven cool on its own?
2. Can I still use the burners?

Fortunately I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen and am in the process of ordering new appliances. Yes, I am getting another GE range as well as a GE over-the-range microwave. The bad ews is the work won't start until late May/early June so I'll be without an oven until then. I can deal with that, but need to know if I can still use the stove top.

Thank you.
Rhea Goldman
Welcome to Just Answer ..If it seems to be taking a while..This only means I'm reviewing a solution to your problem..What you are describing is a shorted element.Very common ...I would first fix the element before using the oven..This could be a fire hazard ..Unplug the unit..Remove the element..Bring both parts to your local appliance shop..They can match it up to a new element..Most likely a universal element..To answer both of your questions..Yes it is a fire hazard..And no i would not use the stove in that condition until the element was replaced.Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1.Am I in any danger right now

2.I can't use the stove top even if the issue is the oven element?

3. How difficult is it to remove the element? Do I just pull it out the same way I pull out the plug-in Calrod Surface Unit? If yes, how long willit take for the element to cool?


1. You can be shocked if you reach into the oven..That is if the unit is still plugged in..UNPLUG STOVE

2. Anytime you have loose wiring (Due to Breakage of element) There is always a chance for electrical shock.

3.Unplug the stove..Remove the screws inside the oven holding the element to the back of the oven Disconnect the two wires to the element...Reinstall in reverse order.

Let the oven cool for 30 -60 minutes
If this were my stove i would not use it in this condition ..Until it was repaired..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My 27 year old stove isn't a plug in, it's hard wired...How do I unplug it?
Go to the homes breaker panel..Locate the breaker for the oven..Turn it off..This will remove power from the stove..Also please remember to use the Submit option before leaving today for my time helping you on your many questions today..Bonuses are always welcome..Thanks Bob
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