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Doing laundry yesterday - everything fine - put a load in -

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Doing laundry yesterday - everything fine - put a load in - the machine won't start. The light saying the door is shut comes on, the soap has drained into the drum but nothing will start. Any thoughts? WM

Jon Grella : What is the make of the washer?
Jon Grella : Is this a frigiadaire


Jon Grella : Ok.
Jon Grella : Amd the machine will light up as normal and dispense th soap and water but will not run?
Jon Grella : Water definitely is coming into the machine?

no water into the machine


no sounds of it running - just silent

Jon Grella : Do your hear a humming sound towards the back of the machine after you set the cycle and push start?




Jon Grella : Are you sure the water supply to the machine is turned on?

we didn't do anything to turn it off -can it be turned off without us doing it

Jon Grella : There are two common problems with this machine
Jon Grella : The first being the door lock assembly

the water is still running to the 2 bathrooms on the floor - that's what I ment about water before

Jon Grella : Ok. D you have a shut off for the water behind the machine?
Jon Grella : Of yes just make sure it is on.

probably - difficult to get to - the machine is in a built in cabinet - it will take some time for me to get to the back. what does the shut off look like?

Jon Grella : Ok. Don't worry about it then. Especially if your haven't touched it in a while. And if you haven't had any plumbing work done to the house. I was just trying to cover everything
Jon Grella : Lest get back to the door lock or main control


Jon Grella : If the door is not completely closed it will usually tell you onthe display. It will light the door lock symbol and the machine will not do anything. Fill, wash run nothing.
Jon Grella : So make sure that the door is fully closed and the light isn't on.
Jon Grella : If you do that and the machine still doesn't work then the control is bad. Not sending power to the water valves to fill and start the machine.
Jon Grella : You can check the voltage to the fill valve wires if you would like to be sure?
Jon Grella : First remove the screw in the back of the top panel. Then remove the top of thmachine. You will see theater valves there. Then removed hires from the valves and check the power or voltage going to the wires with a volt meter on ac voltage. If you don't have voltage to the fill valves then you have abad computer

that sounds like what we were trying to do yesterday - I just tried to shut it a bit harder than yesterday - still no luck - light still on - nothing starting. A dryer is mounted on top of the washer - I can't check things under the top without calling in repair/removal people.


should I try to slam it? how hard without doing damage?

Jon Grella : The part number for the control timer isNNN-NN-NNNNand should cost about $150. The part number for the valves areNNN-NN-NNNNand should cost about $45
Jon Grella : What lights on?
Jon Grella : The door lock


Jon Grella : Ok. Then door lock is good
Jon Grella : If there is no humming to the water valves in back then youhave a bad timer
Jon Grella : If you have a dryer on top then it will need to be removed to work on this machine properly


Jon Grella : If you feel that it may be easier for you to call for service that's up to you
Jon Grella : Theywill just charge you more to do so
Jon Grella : How old is this machine?

it's about 2 years old - (mind reader)

Jon Grella : Sometimes it is not worth it to replace the parts rather then replace the wholemachine
Jon Grella : Ok. Never mind. Replace the timer andthatwill fix your problem
Jon Grella : After you get the dryer off the top of the washer you can remove http of the washer like I has said above then you will see the timer anyhow to remove it.

so - my next step? call a repair person to come in with the thought that it's the timer?

Jon Grella : Yup.
Jon Grella : Have him check the voltage to the door lock and valve to make sure
Jon Grella : He will know what to do

OK - thanks for your help. Is this conversation available for me to safe or print?

Jon Grella : Yes, after you hit a smiley face below. And then accept my answer. You will be redirected to another chat where you can always get back in touch with me. And there you can see and print and save the messages you see above.
Jon Grella : And if you have any other questions even at a late time of up to 30 days you can come back to that hat and get back in touch withme if you need to. And for no addiotnal charge as well.

OK - where are the smiley faces?

Jon Grella : There should be an area on thbottom asking you to rate the chat session or to accept my answer. It will direct you as to what to do.

Found accept - thanks - heading there now.

Jon Grella : Sometimes it is a green accept button. But I think the website has changed it to smiley faces so you can rate the help tou received today. Just click the face you think
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