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Whirlpool Cabrio dryer problems.

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My Whirlpool Cabrio dryer is not moving from the sensing light to actual operation.

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer.

So, the dryer starts and then just stays on sensing, just so I know what is actually happening. Also, do you have the model off the machine.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The dryer lights turn on - the dryer does not actually start operation - and the light stays on sensing in addition to the settings I program in. MOD: WED6600VWD SER: MY3118366 TYPE: DSSL-ELE-2406026-ELDU.

How do I get the dryer to function? It is not working – tumbling or heating.

First off, you would need to test the thermal fuse #7 with a meter. Remove the back cover, and locate the fuse. Remove both wires to the fuse, then test with a simply test meter for continuity. Normally, when the unit has power and will not tumble or heat. Then the thermal fuse is faulty. First test the fuse as described.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This is my son's house and I have no idea where his tools are. And, if the fuse needs replacing, I need to hit the appliance parts store, correct? In other words, I need a repairman, wouldn't you say?

You can also replace the fuse as it is an inexpensive part. That is if you do have a multi tester meter. You can also order the part online .CLICK HERE TO ORDER PART. The replacement is a simple job. Unplug the dryer. Remove the back cover and replace the fuse. The correct way would be to first test the fuse. This fuse can also be purchased at any appliance shop. As it is a common part.

Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 7548
Experience: 23 Years Major Appliance Repair
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I removed the back panel on the cabrio dryer and everything is covered by two major metal panels. Do you have access to the schematics for this particular dryer? Nothing looks anything like the schematic you sent me and I hate to go blundering and wonder if I would recognize the fuse if I saw it. Last time I worked on a dryer I replaced the heating element and this technology is totally different - much more complicated. Hope you can help.

Here is a diagram of the back panel #7. Also, the thermal fuse. All according to the model number you posted.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That schematic is not correct. I opened the panel and found a troubleshooting booklet and was able to locate the thermal fuse and will attempt to replace it (I can't find an ohmmeter here - it's not my house). Guess if it works, you're a genius!! If not, I'll call a repairman. Thanks for trying to help. I put an extra $10 on the $30 fee so I'm calling it even. Let me know if you're unhappy with that, but wherever you get your schematics - don't use that source any more.

Here is a PDF of the tech sheet you found inside. A little bit easier to read - CLICK HERE.

Once opened, close out the advertisements then begin the download. If the fuse is okay, you can troubleshoot from the tech sheet. Next thing is to look at is the door switch. If you run into anymore problems, let me know.

Whirlpool Cabrio dryer problems explained

Whirlpool Cabrio dryers are touted for having features like large capacity drums, high efficiency, and ease of use. These dryers also have sensor strips to help prevent over-drying clothes and wrinkling, as well as having a sanitize cycle to help remove bacteria. However, they are not indestructible and can face some problems.

Common Whirlpool Cabrio dryer problems 

Dryer won’t run – When a Cabrio dryer will not run, first ensure it is fully plugged into a 240-volt power outlet. If it is properly plugged in, press the “start/pause” button. Also make sure the door is completely closed and nothing is blocking the door sensor. Next, check the fuse box for any defective fuses. Replace these and then try to power the dryer on again. 

Dryer taking too long to dry – If clothes are not drying completely, or the dryer is taking too long to dry, first make sure the lint trap is clean. If the lint trap is clogged or dirty, this can lower the amount of hot air to the dryer. A dirty trap prevents the clothes from drying on time or cause the dryer to overheat. Also, putting too many or heavy clothes in the dryer can cause it to overwork, causing inefficiency.

If this is not the issue, check the exhaust vent by placing one hand over the vent hose while the dryer is running. If there is no air flowing through, the vent could be clogged and will need to be cleaned out. 

No Heat – Whirlpool Cabrio dryers are commonly connected to two fuses or circuit breakers. However, if one of the two breakers are tripped or has failed, this could cause heat loss, even though the drum may still be turning. To troubleshoot this, reset the breaker and/or replace the fuses and restart the dryer. Also, ensure that the dryer is plugged into a working 240-volt power outlet. 

Short cycle – If Whirlpool Cabrio dryer times are running short, or if they end before they should, the clothes in the dryer may not be meeting the sensor strips. These strips tell the dryer how long it should run depending on the weight and wetness of the clothes. This could happen when there are not enough items in the dryer, or the dryer is not on a level surface. When needing to dry smaller loads, select a timed dry cycle to ensure the items are dried correctly and the sensor strips are detecting the items. 

Cabrio Error Codes – Whirlpool Cabrio dryers can present error codes when something has gone wrong. This can help troubleshoot several issues. An example would be: if the error code shows “PF”, this could mean there is a power failure or the power supply was disrupted. If the error code begins with an “F” (such as F1 or F3) or E, the dryer has sensed an issue that may need service.