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Have a Kithenaid Superba 48, probably 10 years old, dont have

Customer Question

Have a Kithenaid Superba 48, probably 10 years old, don't have a manual, and can't find the model# XXXXX it's built-in. The ice chute door assembly broke and couldn't seal properly, allowing warm air to frost over the ice chute and turn the ice bin into a solid block of ice. I searched online for matching parts and and found they were from KSSS48Qxxxx models. Ordered and replaced the parts following instructions I found on this site. Now the ice won't dispense at all and if you turn on the light, it only shines when water is being dispensed. The connectors are all pretty much fool-proof, and I labeled the one for the control panel so I didn't misconnect them. This model originally had a defrost heater integral with the chute door; but the new replacement parts don't, so I simply rapped the unused connector with electrical tape. Appreciate any direction you can point me in.....
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : It is likely thqtyouhavegottenthe wrong parts for your machine
Jon Grella : Please email me back the part number and model number of your machine so thatI ca
Jon Grella : That I can get the right parts for youandhelp you more
Jon Grella : The model numer will be found inThe ref cabinet near the ceiling onthe side walls. Or near the bottom by th door.
Customer :

Have to pull the whole unit out to do that, and unfortunately may not be able to do that until morning..... The only parts replaced were the door chute assembly #8201649 and the ice guide #2180224, all plastic parts except the spring.

Jon Grella : You have to pull the whole unit out to do what? The model number is inside the machine. It is in the ref cabinet
Jon Grella : Email me back when you have time to work on this machine and I will help you more.
Customer :

Thought you meant the outside of the cabinet....if it was on the inside it must have been removed, because there is none there now. Bought this unit at a home demolition sale and that's why I have no manual or other info.

Jon Grella : Ok. That would explain the fact that their is no sticker for the model number. Which will not help me for getting parts info on your machine.
Jon Grella : The parts that you replaced in your machine may not be the correct parts and that may be why you are having troubles.
Jon Grella : Did you buy the machine with the broken door chute?
Customer :

No, have been using the unit for the last 6 years and had no issues. The chute door broke a little over a month ago.

Customer :

When I recieved the parts I matched them to the originals with the only differences being the fact that the door no longer comes with the defrost heater.

Jon Grella : Ok. Just checking
Jon Grella : I see this model frequently. But we are not sure if this is your exact model. That is goin to be the biggest issue here.
Jon Grella : We will not be one hundred percent sure for any of the parts you might buy for this machine if you don't have the full model of the machine you got now.
Jon Grella : We can match it up as best as we can but as you are already seeing there are some differences in model to model. That is why the new chute assembly you purchased with a different model doesn't rave the heater attached. That is wire you are left some wires
Jon Grella : I am assuming you have a side by side 48 cubic foot ref. that is cabinet depth. These are usually the biggest machines whirlpool makes. Whirpool by the way makes kitchen aid if you didn't already know that.
Jon Grella : And in your machine, no where in the ref cabinet does it show a silver or white sticker with the full model and serial numbers?
Jon Grella : You may have to pull out the produce drawers near the bottom. Sometimes they put the stickers out of sight on the side wall behind the drawers. Did you look there? I might suggest taking all the food out of the ref and shelving to just to inspect further. Because if we don't have the model number we can never be sure of the parts you will need will fit and fix your machine correctly.
Jon Grella : Again,that could be the reason why the ice in the door doesn't work at all there could be a wire or two missing to the display board that controls that function.
Jon Grella : Please try to get the full model number then get back to me. Otherwise what we can do is just find the problem with your machine then have you research the parts on your own.
Jon Grella : But to put the time into this with you I would need for you to hit the smiley faces below so that I can continue working m this with you now.
Jon Grella : Or even at a later time if you don't have the time now?
Customer :

Pulled the bottom drawer but not the others.

Jon Grella : In fact, if you hit the faces below now, you can come back here to me with any questions for up to a month with out being charged again
Jon Grella : And I will still be able to help you with any problem that you might have
Jon Grella : I see your response about the model number. Try pulling everything out and checking the whole ref cabinet. Or check around the front frame of the door. It could be there to.
Customer :

just to be clear, the door works fine but the bin will not drive the ice out. Back to you later.

Jon Grella : Ok. Wait
Jon Grella : The door chute and dispenser work fine?
Jon Grella : What happens when you try to get ice form the door?
Jon Grella : Do you hear the auger motor in the freezer section running or no?
Jon Grella : I thought you had said that you hooked up the new chute assembly and got nothing? If the display and dispenser work ok and open normally but you are still not getting any ice from the dispenser area you may just have a problem with the ice maker bin or auger motor
Customer :

That's it, sorry if misled you. The micro-switch clicks, but there is no motion from the auger

Customer :

When the bin was empty I had checked the auger and it moved freely and the 2 shoulders to catch the drive piece were fine.

Customer :

Tried with the bin out and got no motion from the motor

Jon Grella : Ok. If the auger motor doesn't work at all then we have to check power to it when in motion to do that you may need someone else to hold the switch down while you check the voltage to it.
Jon Grella : If there is no voltage the replace the display board in the machine.
Jon Grella : Piaf voltage but no operation then change the auger.
Jon Grella : Talk to you more tomorrow
Customer :

I'll give it a try. Thanks for the help. Talk to you tomorrow.

Jon Grella : You got it.
Customer :

Haven't had time to check the motor yet.....