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My GE side by side fridge is not dispensing water. I followed

Resolved Question:

My GE side by side fridge is not dispensing water. I followed all the hoses and I get water in the back after the valve. And in the front underneath right before it goes into the door. Ice is still being made. It still lights up and clicks when you put a glass to the switch. Is there an easy way to take off that control panel and look behind?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Barry G. replied 5 years ago.
From the point that you seperated the line in the front behind the kick panel there are no other parts that can stop water flow. Its only plastic line. So as you probably already know it is indeed frozen water that is blocking the flow in the door. This is a very common problem in the winter and when people leave home for a period of a few days or more. Also for steel lined refrigerators there is a part you can install to prevent that from happening. If you reach inside about a foot and tap the wall and its metal or stick a magnet inside there to be sure and if it is you can install the part number WR49X10173. That is the number to shop with. It comes with an instruction sheet for installation.

The door is foamed together there is not a way to get the inside and outside seperated. The back of the dispenser will not come off and there are no access points on the freezer side of the door either.

Remember this door has foam in it so you can heat the door with a blow dryer but you cannot over heat the metal because if you do the foam thats inside could soften and sag. But if you heat the door with a hair dryer you will want to keep it moving. This can take a very long time. Also heat in the dispenser back as well. I have seen it take 4 hours before.

The second thing you can do is unplug the unit and open the doors over night.

What makes it take so long is that there is a point inside the door where cold and warm meet. This can cause ice to form and when that surrounds the water line the line becomes frozen and can be buried inside that ice.

If you have questions please ask.

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