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Hi. I have a Culligan Mark 10 water softener, circa 1995.

Customer Question

Hi. I have a Culligan Mark 10 water softener, circa 1995. It is not running properly. Does anyone there know anything about these machines?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is Jon and I can help you today
Jon Grella : What kind of problems are you having with your machine?
Jon Grella : Do you have the manual for this machine?
Jon Grella : It could help you through some basic repairs and show you some important cleaning and maintenance procedures
Jon Grella : If you don't have it below is a link to a copy of the manual. Just highlight and right click on the link then hit open link to view the file.
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : Read though the manual and see if that helps your problems. If not email me back here and I will help you further.
Jon Grella : Thank you.
JACUSTOMER-gqgszxnh- :

I actually have the manual, and it is not any help

Jon Grella : I know these manuals can be quite lengthy and wordy. And who has the time to read that much into their machines anyway?
Jon Grella : I can help you if you can delve into your problem that you are having further. You just mention that you are having a problem with the unit. But don't mention what kind of problem. When you give a vague description of the problem you get a vague answer in return.
Jon Grella : I would like to help you to the best of my knowledge but I would need to know what is the main problem first. Please email me back here and let me know what exactly is going on. Thank you.
JACUSTOMER-gqgszxnh- : Unfortunately I do not know enough about this machine other than it is not softening the water. When I manually recharge the unit, it is definitely doing something, as the backwash cycle seems to work (can hear the water draining), but I don't know what the whole cycle should be. This is an older unit, so am thinking that it may just need to be replaced.
Jon Grella : If it is stuck in a backwash cycle the whil emit will need to be cleaned out thoroughly. And that can take a while and will be a pain in the neck to do if you are not familiar with these machines. That should solve your problem though
Jon Grella : If you feel that the unit is old, and it is at about almost 20 years, you ca definitely save your time and money and replqce the unit if you need to. They have more efficient and smaller and quiter one out now. And they have made some significant improvements since your models. So if you are interested in replacing the unit go online to and check out what they have or give them a call.
Jon Grella : There phone number is 1-877-386-0823. They will be very helpful and will guide you through the process.
Jon Grella : But if you woul dlike to clean out the machine in efforts to try to fix this you will need some basic tools like a screwdrivers and wrenches. And email me back here and I will help you though it. Or you can read the manual and there you can find the instructions for the cleaning process.
Jon Grella : And if to feel that you have
Jon Grella : Sorry
Jon Grella : Man
Jon Grella : Meant to say if you feel like you are just better off replacing the machine with a newer one and have found my answer to be helpful to you, please remember to hit the green accept button below.
Jon Grella : Thank you.
JACUSTOMER-gqgszxnh- :

Thank you for your time. I did do the painstaking clean out, and it did not solve the problem. Thank you for your advice, I will call Culligan.

Jon Grella : You welcome.
Jon Grella : I am sorry to see that the cleaning of the unit did not work for you. It may just be time to get a new one.Please remember to hit the green accept button below if you feel that I have answered your question.

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