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Experience:  Amana, A&E (Whirlpool) ,and Maytag factory service
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I have a whirlpool refrig./freezer with the ice maker. The

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I have a whirlpool refrig./freezer with the ice maker. The ice maker quit working and it has a new filter and still dispenses water but does not make ice. The bin is cleared out and there isn't anything blocking it. The model is Whirlpool #GS5SHAXNQOO. I had my son look at it and he thinks the valve is not working to let the water flow to the ice maker. I wish to order this part and would appreciate any help. Thanks
Hi my name isXXXXX will try to help you with your issue. If the ice maker is not getting any water make sure that the fill tube is not plugged up first, sometimes when the filter is changed air gets into the water line going to the ice maker and causes reduced pressure and as a result ice will block water flow. When that happens typically there will be a hum from the water valve when the ice maker cycles. So check that first and usually you will have to insert a small screwdriver in that fill tube and feel for the ice blockage. Next make sure the ice maker is going through a cycle and operating. The water valve is powered by the ice maker during the last part of the cycle for just a few seconds, most of the time it is actually the ice maker that is faulty and not the water valve. The way to check is to cycle the ice maker and test for voltage present when the ice maker is going through it's cycle, remember there will only be 120 volts to the valve for just a few seconds near the end of the ice maker cycle.
Dual valve assembly

PART NUMBER: W10408179


this is the water valve for your unit






this is the icemaker for your unit

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
how long does the ice maker cycle take to check the voltage at the end of the cycle.
An ice maker cycle takes about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, the fill lasts for about 3-5 seconds only and it is near the last 30 seconds of the cycle, this is an estimation of time, i have never timed it with a stop watch but that should be close to the correct time of the cycles
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thank you for all the help. Have a great day.


Your welcome thank you and enjoy your weekend.
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