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I have a 6 year old Maytag MDB7601AWW dishwasher that is not

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I have a 6 year old Maytag MDB7601AWW dishwasher that is not working. Problem started with selecting a light wash feature and the control panel starting up the delay feature by itself and the display panel cycling through from 1 to 9 continuously. Eventually this stopped by itself (timed out). The diswasher is acting inconsistently, I could select a wash on the control panel but then the dispaly just flashed the time forr the wash and the start/cancel buttom would not work, eventually timed out.

I replaced the control board but this has not changed anything ($ 200 later and I can't return it). I select a light wash and the buttons light up on the top of the control panel but the display just flashes "82". Any other wash I selct does the same thing. When I push the start/cancel button it does not work and the display eventually times out.

I can't even run the manual function test or the field service test because the buttons to select on the control panel will not work.

Should I look to replace the control panel next or is there someting else I should do besides calling a repair man?

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if you replaced this, Main Control Board 12002710        Main Product Viewthen your keypad assembly is the issue. also called the control panel.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Bryan,


Yes I replaced the control board first and it did not change anything. Funny thing is while I was out of the kichen my wife selected light wash, closed the door, hit start and the washer started and is working. . The washer just filled with water and is washing but the display changed to "4H" then "74" then "2" and then "2H". This is what I mean about inconsistent. Do you think this is related to the control panel as being the problem?

yeah the control panel is shorting out at times so its not a constant problem. this will get worse however. theres nothing else that controls the machine besides what you replaced and the control panel. there are no more boards just the motor and pump, fill valve and things like that, they are all controlled be the two parts we are talking about, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
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