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broiler and bake element not heating

Customer Question

broiler and bake element not heating
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : You should have 220v to the elements not 110v.
Jon Grella : If you have the improper voltage you either have a cut or damaged wire to the elements or the board is bad. You should also check to see that your circuit breaker is not half tripped. Meaning, these units are usually on a double breaker. One side of the breaker could be tripped and not the other. Giving you only 110 v to the elements instead of full 220v.
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

OK that helps, I was wondering that. so the bake terminal on the EOC should have 220V available when on and sam with broil?

Jon Grella : The easiest way to check the eoc board in this machine is to do the voltage check that you have done already
Jon Grella : Yes. That is correct.
Jon Grella : If you don't have voltage coming out of the board to the element then th the board is bad. Of course, if the circuit is not an issue.
Jon Grella : If you have the full model number I can get the part info for the eoc board so thatyoucanorder it?
Jon Grella : The model number should be behind thbottom drawer of the unit. On the from tof the frame. Give a look and let me know what the full number is
Jon Grella : It should look something like 110.84656582
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

So my L1 and L2 are each 120v legs? and if I remember correctly i hve 120V in on each of them but my L2 out is dead if I unhook the wire going to the heating elemnets

JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

I beleive it is 790.99123402

Jon Grella : For now don't worry about checking the voltage at the terminals on the board. Just simply pull the back panel off thmachine and then pull the wires off the element and check the voltage their. You should have 220v. This is an easier check then getting confused with what's terminal to check on the board.
Jon Grella : If you dont have full 220v change the board.
Jon Grella : assuming that there is no break or cut or splice in any of the wires. And assuming the breaker is fully on.
Jon Grella : Please use caution when checking.
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

Ok. There is a power supply board also, I suppose I should check output there also? I did do continuity test on cord just to make sure with cord removed from unit and everything there checks out, I also checked the outlet and is fine.

Jon Grella : You need to check the voltage going to the bake and roil element. That's it. Don't concern yourself with going to crazy checking anything else. Don't make this harder then it ha to be. You will go crazy
Jon Grella : Whatisthemodel number found on the unit?
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

790.99123402. I only have 120V at element

Jon Grella : Ok. Thank you. Let me look up the part info . You need the eoc main board.
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

I believe i found the part number it is XXXXXXXXX please check that but from my parts list that is what i come up with for the electrinic oven control and the power board is316272401

Jon Grella : The parties electronic control board, eoc and it is part number 5304455004.
Jon Grella : You don't need the power supply board. If that wasn't working you would have any power at all.
Jon Grella : Sorry I meant the part is above
Jon Grella : You can order it from the sears website at
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

ok, can you tell me where to order this part from? my parts book lists a different part number for the clock/eoc

Jon Grella : Order it from or
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

ok, do I use your part number or mine?

Jon Grella : It is part number 5304455004
Jon Grella : Use the one I gave you. And when you look it up at sears it will show you what it is.
Jon Grella : Please remember to hit the green accept button below if you feel that I ahve helped answer your question today. And you will still beagle to email me here if youhaveanyother questions. And you will not be charged again to ask.
Jon Grella : I can even show you a video of how to maketherepair if you need it?
Jon Grella : Here is a link to a youtubevideo showing you how to change the control. I know it is not your unit but the control is similar and it will show you how to do it. It is an easy repair. Just make sure the wires don't get mixed up.
Jon Grella : Justhighlight and right click on the link below to open the video.
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : Email me back here if you have any other questions.
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

does the part number i have supersede to your part number? or why don't we have the same part number? I'll look on sears website qick

JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

I looked up both part numbers the part number I have looks correct, your part number looks different

Jon Grella : Your part number just cam over as xxxxxxxxx. It didn't show any number. Look above.
Jon Grella : But if you numbe IRS different from mine, the yes, this is the most recent part number. I got it off the sears website. Check it out if you would like. They will show your picture too.
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

316418750 did it go this time?

Jon Grella : Yes. Let me chck it.
Jon Grella : It looks like the numb you have is just for the eoc board. And the one I gave you is for the eoc and power board and supply board. The one I gave you has all three boards. I don't know why. But if you would like to use your number just to get the eoc, that should work just fine.
JACUSTOMER-x4uunyu8- :

are you still there?

Jon Grella : I am here. Did you see my last answer?
Jon Grella : You can use the number you have. The number I gave you is thn umber right off the diagrams of your model machine. I don't know whytheyareincluding all three boards.
Jon Grella : Are you still there?
Jon Grella : Please checkthewebsite andif youhave any questions email me back here.
Jon Grella : Please also remember to accept and I can still help you further.
Jon Grella : I noticed that you still have not accepts my answer yet. Is there any other help I can offer to you here? If not please hit the green accept button below. This is the only way I can get paid for my time helping you. And afte you accept, should you still hqvquestions, you can email me back here and I will help you further. For no extra charge.