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I have a jenn-air 27" connection oven that I purchased in 2010.

Resolved Question:

I have a jenn-air 27" connection oven that I purchased in 2010. It maybe has 50 hours of use. I moved away from the home and am preparing to rent the home, so I decided to use the self cleaning option. Followed the instruction. Removed the racks. Wipe down any build up on inside frame. Chose the two hour cleaning option. Hit start and less than 30 minutes later the inside glass exploded. Why?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.

Appliance Guru :


Appliance Guru :

are you here?

Appliance Guru :

Hello I see your isse

Appliance Guru :


Appliance Guru :

The inner glass broke on its own correct?

Customer: yes
Appliance Guru :

This can happen for various reasons, but if the unit was empty and it just broke while starting the self clean you had a defective piece of glass. The piece of glass had a manufacturing flaw in it and this does happen quite often actually.

Appliance Guru :

This has nothing to do with anything on the oven or settings.

Customer: Recourse other than to call a repairman?
Appliance Guru :

Is it the very inside piece?

Customer: Yes. It exploded into hundreds of pieces
Appliance Guru :

If you have your model number off the unit I can get a breakdown to see how much the glass is for you and the right piece

Customer: It was part of the info I provided under the question "what have you tried so far?". I can go get it again if you can't see it.
Appliance Guru :

I saw the serial number, but i see the model next to it..thanks

Appliance Guru :

You want #3 correct

Appliance Guru :

That is the smalller inside glass, just to make sure

Customer: You are right. I think it is jjw2427ww
Appliance Guru :

Yes then there should be a "OO" at the end of that model,

Appliance Guru :

The inner piece comes as two pieces, part number

  • W10176101

Appliance Guru :

that is the link to the part itself

Customer: Don't see an 00 anywhere
Appliance Guru :

That glass requires a complete door disassembly to put in, you may want to have someone do it unless you think you can

Appliance Guru :

Don't worry about it that is the model, there is only one series for your model, which is great!

Customer: No, I won't try it. Thanks for the link.
Appliance Guru :

No problem, typically if the glass was manufactured incorrectly it will shatter within the first couple years.

Appliance Guru :

Just vacuum it out the best you can and you can give that part number to a service company so they can have it with them before coming out.

Appliance Guru :

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Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.
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