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My subzero refrigerator doesnt work, but the freezer does.

Customer Question

My subzero refrigerator doesn't work, but the freezer does. I've vacuumed out the coils on top, any thing else I can do?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is Jon and I am an authorized subzero service tech and I can help you today
Jon Grella : When you were vacuuming get would up top did you notice the smaller round black compressor and if it was running?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

no. where is that?

JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :


Jon Grella : There are two compressors on subzero machines. The compressor is what cools the ref or freezer. If the smaller compressor is not running then that would be your problem.
Jon Grella : We would first need to have you check the top area again to see if the compressor on the right, the smaller one, is running or not.
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

where are they? I just see a big covered white box on the left, with coils on the right.

Jon Grella : You will have to feel it to tell. It should feel just warmer other room temp. When you feel it it should also be vibrating. That will also let you know it is running
Jon Grella : If it feels either too cold or too hot, to the point where you can't keep your hand on it for more then 2 seconds, then it is malfunctioning
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

ok, i took off the cover and found the 2 compressors, the one on the right is definitely not running.

Jon Grella : If it feels like it is not running or is cold, then you may have a bad starter. The starter is what makes the compressor run and come on. If the starter fails it will give you this problem
Jon Grella : Are you there?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

it is cold

Jon Grella : I can help you figure out the problem but will need you to look and tell me if the compressor is running
Jon Grella : Can you do that?
Jon Grella : Ok. So that you responded thank you
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

it is not running. only the one on the left.

Jon Grella : If it is cold did you feel if it was vibrating as well?
Jon Grella : Ok.
Jon Grella : How long have you had this problem?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

it is not vibrating. a couple of days.

Jon Grella : Then you probably have caught it in time. That is a good thing.
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

how can i get it going?

Jon Grella : Did you notice if the fan was running up there next to the compressor?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

yes, it's running

Jon Grella : You will most likely have a bad starter. You can order it from subzero
Jon Grella : I will get you the part info
Jon Grella : Give me one minute
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

then how do i instal it?

Jon Grella : You can call the following numbers. It seems that subzero is not showing the part number for the part
Jon Grella : 1-800-252-1698
Jon Grella : Or
Jon Grella : (800) 222-7820
Jon Grella : I would call the last number. That is for subzero direct customer support number. Call them and let them know you need a raly
Jon Grella : Sorry
Jon Grella : A relay stater for your model 532 ref compressor
Jon Grella : The part will come with directions to install, but if you need me, emailme back here and I will walk you through it.
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

then how do i install it?

Jon Grella : It is an easy job.
Jon Grella : If you feel that I have helped you please hit the green accept button below.
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

do you think i can do it?

Jon Grella : And you can always email me back here if you have any other questions. And you will only be charged the one time.
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

what's your email?

Jon Grella : You would just emailme back here. After you accept it will bring you to another chat where you wi
Jon Grella : Will be in direct contact with me. And there we can email back and forth
Jon Grella : The part can be installed by turning power off to the machine, then removing old part and wires then swapping them to the new one. Ten turn the power back on. Then give it a day to cool and that is it. It's that easy
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

the number i called won't give it to me with out reading the part number to her by a service man..

Jon Grella : Use the last number I gave you. That is for subzero customer support. Just ask for parts department
Jon Grella : They don't have a part number on the subzero website
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

i'll try that

Jon Grella : Let me call directl for you now. Give me about 20 minutes. I will get the parts info for you
Jon Grella : Please remember to hit accept below
Jon Grella : I am calling now for you
Jon Grella : Do you have serial number?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

i can't find it.

Jon Grella : I just spoke with rep. It seems they need the model number on the compressor itself. Ca you look for those numbers and give them to me?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

i can't find it!

JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

it's too deep in the wires for me to read anything.

Jon Grella : Ok.i will definitely need the number on the compressor to get the part number for the starter for your model. There are apparently too many. One for each compressor.
Jon Grella : Try turning the power button off up top by compressor area and then look real good by the compressor. There is usually a sticker on the right side of the compressor that shows the model numbers. You may have to move the wires out of the way.
Jon Grella : If you still can not read the number you will have to have a service tech come out and do the job for you. Unfortunately this will cost you an arm and a leg. Usually it is about $125 just to have them come out for a service call. And for the job they should charge you about $300-$400.
Jon Grella : If you order the part and do the job yourself you could save about $300
Jon Grella : When you get the model number of the compressor email me back here and I will get the part info for you so that you can order the part. Otherwise, like I said, you will need to call for service.
Jon Grella : Please remember to hit the green accept button below so that I can get paid for my time helping you. And after you hit the accot button I will still be here to help you further. And you will only be charged the one time.
Jon Grella : Thank you.
Jon Grella : We're you able to get the model number of the compressor?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

i never found the number, and finally called someone to fix it. it turned out to be a completely different problem. but thanks for your help...

Jon Grella : What was the problem? And is the machine running now?
JACUSTOMER-a4xxzhnb- :

no. it was the control.

Jon Grella : So you had a service tech come in and fix it and the control and the machine is not running now?
Jon Grella : Then it looks like he didn't fix it then
Jon Grella : Do you still need help?