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My Whirlpool Accubake oven that when I set preheat at 350 it

Customer Question

My Whirlpool Accubake oven that when I set preheat at 350 it shuts off but temperature in oven is only 275
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.

Electric Pro :


JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Hi
Electric Pro :

Is see the problem you are having

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Wife having problems with baked things so bought oven thermometer
Electric Pro :

Is the unit acutally shutting off or is your thermometer showing a lower temp than the stove

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Actually when preheating to 350 buzzer and timer show it has reached 350 but the oven thermometer we purchased to check it shows real temp is only 275
Electric Pro :

What kind of oven thermometer did you buy one of those hanging metal ones?

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Yes
Electric Pro :

That is your issue....those things are very slow acting and not accurate at all...hence they are $5-10 VS the oven temp control is 250-300 dollars

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Oven still not cooking baked items correctly. What if the thermometer is correct and oven is not right temp?
Electric Pro :

What is going on with the baking?

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Does both elements heat when preheating oven?
Electric Pro :

The bottom element heats at full and the top one at half power

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Not rising correctly. Items fall in middle oven seems too cool for temperature set.
Electric Pro :

If the temp was way off that oven would be throwing an error code

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Is there another way to check exact temp?
Electric Pro :

A better thermometer....You need a very accurate digital one

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : So this model will tell me there is a heating error if the oven is not hot as it says?
Electric Pro :

Yes if the temp probe is that far out you would be getting an error code

Electric Pro :

Do you have your manual?

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Probably not what my wife wants to hear since her baking is not where it usually is in quality but if that's all you got I'll see how it flies.
Electric Pro :

Normally on that unit the temps are very good at not off at all. I have had many service calls over the years where women say the temp is off only to show them the temps are right on the money. I think it is a recipe baking issue. These newer units are so accurate now that if you had recipes that you baked in an older oven with a mechanical thermostat the temps and baking come out different that in the newer ones. Normally I tell customers up the temp by 25 degrees and see if it helps out usually that solves the issue.

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : Good idea but had same oven since 2000 and only in last 6 months has the baking issued occurred and recipes are the same ones. Cakes fall, even zucchini bread falls. Roast baked at same amount in past not cooked as well? Well crank it up or find a good oven thermometer. Thanks
Electric Pro :

If frozen pizza's come out good the temps are right....Frozen pizza's are one of the best indicators of a real temp issue

JACUSTOMER-et5mbp75- : One thing we haven't cooked. Makes homemade ones.
Electric Pro :

please click accept or I am not paid anything otherwise...Thanks