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Jenn-air gas grill problems

Resolved Question:

I have a jenn-air stainless 5 burner (plus pot warmer) ~8,000 BTU gas grill
I bought it new about 7-8 years ago

Model number: (see next page)

About 1 year ago it started acting up
The burner manifolds are slow to light up, takes longer to get hot
Seems to barely get hot enough on a cold day
Even with a brand new tank

Sometimes you can start one burner, and see a FEW burner jets start a SMALL blue flame, which then slowly (3 to 6 seconds) spread till all the little holes are aflame.

Nowhere near as brisk as years gone by

A few won't light on their own knob's starter, but "catch fire" from the neighboring bank's flame (like a mini explosion, withOUT a boom)

One or two make a terrible hissing (almost whistling) sound the entire time
Particularly the one nearest the tank

I haven't pursued it because I just assumed it was on its last leg

It is o/w in good shape, and rust-free

A friend recently mentioned something about an air intake between the tank and 1st burner
And how it entrains some air, to mix with fuel, before it gets to burner
And how spiders (&/or other debris) sometimes get in there and choke it off

Any truth to that?

Any ideas?


Please note the address from which I paypa'd is no longer receiving emails
It is my PayPal only address
Please send response [email protected]
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I see your issue. It could only be a couple things. First make sure the airshudders and manifolds are blown and cleaned out very well. Second see if you can make the air adjustments to the shudders(page 11)...see if the flame gets better. This would explain the hissing noise you are getting. Lastly you could have a bad regulator that hooks up to the LP Tank. If the regulator is bad it will cut down the flow of gas causing the low flames you are getting. Do the first two things and then replace the regulator if it still does not work. Here is a link to the manual for your unit to guide you through this.
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