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I have a Frigidaire model FRS26KF6EBG that leaks water behind

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I have a Frigidaire model FRS26KF6EBG that leaks water behind he removable rear panel in the freezer compartment when the ice maker is in operation. The leak originates near the top left where the ice maker fill comes through the rear wall runs down the wall and freezes on the plate containing the evap fan eventually making noise when the fan blades hit the ice and then stopping the fan altogether. Ice maker works fine throughout the process. The ice maker fill trough appears to be held in place by a plastic grommet that looks like it turns to come out but have been unable to turn it for removal. Since it is behind the removable back panel it can't be the ice maker running over and i have never found any ice in the fill trough to stop it up. Help
You have some splash- over coming out of the fill tube. It is something that can just start to happen for no real reason. The tube is open at the top as you can see and water can splash out of it especially where it comes out of the wall. The easiest way to stop this is to remove the metal panel that the tube comes thru and using electrical tape wrap the tube for a few inches- this will prevent the splashing as the water will 'settle down' after it travels down the tube a few inches. The whole fill tube can be removed from behind the fridge, but I doubt you need to bother with that here, but do as you see fit.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'll try the tape thing. If I have to remove the fill tube from the back does it remove througth the hole in the back where the water tube goes up the back of the frig through what appears to be a large black grommet about1.5 in in diameter?
Yes, that tube will twist a bit then pulls out- it is apparent how it locks in place once you look closely at it. That black ring is just a piece of foam.

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