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Kitchenaid Professional 600HD....kneading dough....on speed

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Kitchenaid Professional 600HD....kneading dough....on speed 1.....died!...immediately unplugged it. I felt of the housing...not hot....plugged it into a different outlet....turned it on and on Speed whirls like it's whipping cream....really fast. I unplugged it but do you have any idea what we could do ourselves to fix it?

We live in Ecuador so sending it to Kitchenaid is not an option. I hauled this thing all the way from Texas as my pride and joy and 1 luxury item. Any solutions are greatly appreciated.


Robin Freeman
Cuenca, Ecuador
the speed control had failed.
You would ned it looked at by someone knowledgable in electronics, they could install a new switch for you so that you would have all your speeds back again.
Any electronic repair shop could do it if they are willing to help you out, or you could order a new control from Kitchenaid.
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