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My wife overloaded our less than 2 year old washer (model WA37T26G),

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My wife overloaded our less than 2 year old washer (model WA37T26G), and it went dead without pumping out the tub. Not sure how far along in the cycle it was. Didn't trip a breaker, and I've unplugged it for 5 mins. & re-plugged. When I first opened the lid, it looked like the tub was setting about 3 - 4" lower than it normally would. Now I can't get it to power up at all. The pump appears to be good - not plugged & spinning freely. Plus, I had to replace it in June 2011. It wasn't leaking either. I took the basket out and the coupling from the motor shaft to the basket was in good shape - no worn or chipped teeth. The motor didn't smell burnt, and I couldn't see any shorted wires. Spins freely too.

What's am I dealing with, and is there a way to reset the power. Thanks for your time and expertise

Mark Keller [email protected]
Hi, I will be happy to assist you today. First verify you have power at the plug. The only two things that will cause the unit to go completely dead are the pump and the main CCU board. IF the pump is new and the winding checks out around 30 ohms then you have a bad CCU board. Now you should have got a fuse with the new pump you installed or machine had one. There is also a fuse integrated on the CCU board and can not be replaced.
Now to verify your pump is not bad. Unplug the pump and check the windings with an ohm meter. If it reads around 30 or so its fine. Double check it at the board by going to the modular plug that says "pump" Check to see if you get the same reading should. Now if you do not check to see if there is any in line bus fuse holder up there.
I have worked on a ton of these units and my guess is your CCU is shot. This has been a major problem on that machine. Here is the diagram and the part you will most likely need is number 11. It runs about $150. I hope this answered you question. Part number 421306USP
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