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why has the glass on my double ovens had a leak between the

Customer Question

why has the glass on my double ovens had a leak between the glass panels and looks awful?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is XXXXX XXXXX i am an authorized maytag / whirlpool service tech and I ca help you today
Jon Grella : If you have had an unfortunate leak in between the glass in this machine, the only way to cleans it is to take the door apart
Jon Grella : I can show you a video how to do it if you like
Jon Grella : I see this problem very often. And because of the vent that is in the door, this happens a lot.
Jon Grella : Poor design I guess
Jon Grella : Here is a YouTube video showing you how to replace the glass in an oven range. I know that this may not be the same model and is an oven range instead of a wall oven, but all the doors and glass on the inside are very similar. And this should show you how to access the glass to clean it. Just be carefully when cleaning not to break the glass.
Jon Grella : Just highlight and click the link below to view the video. Or go to YouTube and type in search bar how to replace the oven door glass and the videos should pop up.
Jon Grella :
Jon Grella : If you feel that this is something that you don't want to do yourself and feel it should be left for the service company, then email me back with your state and county in which you live and I will search for an authorized maytag service company in your area.
Jon Grella : Please hit the green accept button below if you feel that I have answered your question.
Jon Grella : Thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you fix this problem in the quickest and cheapest way possible.
Jon Grella : Thank you