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We have an electric Decor Epicure double oven. Neither the

Customer Question

We have an electric Decor Epicure double oven. Neither the broil or bake elements on the lower oven work. Is there a common fuse or breaker that may need resetting?

The broiler was mistakenly left on, getting the oven very hot, before the malfunction. Don't know if this is related to the problem.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  JCCARVER replied 5 years ago.
Look inside oven door for model number please
Expert:  JCCARVER replied 5 years ago.
If the oven is not heating, check the baking and broiling elements; change out these elements if broken or burnt out.

If your oven is not getting any heat, see that you don't have the delay timer set and that you have the oven on the right setting. Your oven normally should turn off after 12 hours if you have the 12-hour timer set.