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Splendide 2000s washer dryer combo. I need to change the door

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Splendide 2000s washer dryer combo. I need to change the door interlock switch. How do I do this?
Welcome....The simples way to replace the door switch is to remove the door seal from the front of the washer..Push the seal inside the washer..Then remove the door lock assembly.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is there a cord or spring holding the seal in place around it. I do ,not see one but the seal feels likje its glued on oe somthing
Some have the metal spring retainer..Peel the seal back..If not then yes it is glued to the panel..Remove then reinstall with glue..Only other way is to remove the top of the washer then access the lock from the top..(much more difficult)..To remove the top..Remove the screws along the very top back..Slide the cover back and off.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Won't it tear when i pull at it? What kinf of glue do I use to put it back?


From my first question, do you think it is the interlock also?

Just be careful with it..It will peel..You can also take a hairdryer and warm it up..From what you are explaining it does sound like the switch..Any flexible adhesive will work to reinstall..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX give a brand name of adhesive that you like?


Also just to be sure, peel off the seal closest to me (around where the door contacts it when closed), is that correct.


Then apply the new adhesive onto the frame and press the removed seal on to it?

We use this product CLICK HERE That is correct..Also please remember to use the accept option before leaving today..Thanks Bob
You can also get any all purpose adhesive from Home Depot ..Lowes Etc...They normally have many different types to choose from...Good luck on your repair..Thanks Bob
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

one last question, I promise. How do I pay you with the monies that are in my account with just answer?


Thanks so much. Sure as hell hope I don't tear the seal up and have to buy that part too. These Splendide parts are not cheap. The switch was 125.00. uuuggghhh


Thanks again, I WILL accept your answer ASAP

I see you have already accept 4 questions prior and have 3 unaccepted so far..All you need to do is press the green accept option..Like the last few questions you accepted..Just go easy on the peeling..If you feel it is going to be difficult..You can always go through the top..Just takes a bit more patience..Thanks Bob