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Our ice maker makes ice, but the auger that dispenses the ice

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Our ice maker makes ice, but the auger that dispenses the ice does not turn.. There is no noise at all when you "request" the ice. It is a Frigedair model FRS23H5ASB8 with a GSI-23 ice maker.
I have tried a hair dryer to defrost the mechanism. I have also re-plugged the ice maker. No help. My suspicion is the refrigerator and not the ice maker.
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do you have a voltmeter? would you be able to check for voltage to the auger motor?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have a volt meter, but i don't know how to get to the motor. I can try.
You need to remove the auger and then the shelves in the back panels to get to the auger motor, unplug the refrigerator while doing this, what you are able to get the auger motor you can actually unplug the auger motor wires in put your probes in the two wires hold the light switch button in and then press for ice see if you get 120 V to it. Let me know, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok bryan this is what i did. I unplugged the motor housing(which also holds to refrigerator light) and used the plug to the refrigerator to test. To verify, I traced the refrigerator light wires to the housing plug and then to the refrigerator plug. This showed a voltage appropriately when the light switch is on/off.
There are three wires going to a selenoid. A green/yellow that is grounded to the selenoid body, a blue wire going to a terminal and a blue/white going to another terminal..these showed no voltage.
There are two wires going to the auger motor. A blue and a magenta both go to the motor terminals. these showed no voltage. Can't say the motor is bad, but probably isn't??
Know my guess is the motor is fine, if you get water through the door that we can assume that the actuator is good, there is a microswitch in that and if you get water than the microswitch is good, you're dispenser power board has failed, it has a relay for the water in the relay for the auger, for some reason the relay for the auger has failed on the board however you cannot replace just the relay you have to replace the dispenser control board, this is a common failure on these refrigerators, you can order this at the following link if you wish, from what you're telling me this is my diagnosis on it. I hope this helps, this control board is located behind the control panel where you push for water and ice usually these come with instructions so you shouldn't have any problem replacing it, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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