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I have a thermador built in microwave oven model no. 16-11-157

Customer Question

I have a thermador built in microwave oven model no. 16-11-157 manufactured July,2002 that is not working. Masco Appliance was unable to fix it. They told me they could not get a part for it. It turns itself off after a few seconds and displays "cooling". I either need to repair or replace. The new Thermador models do not seem to fit within the cut-out 28.25"x17". HELP!!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jason replied 5 years ago.

hvacguy17 :

Thank you for using Just Answer. I will be glad to assist you in your answer.

hvacguy17 :

Do you know what part the repair person said you needed

JACUSTOMER-zm7uwz8w- : It was a computer part, but i
JACUSTOMER-zm7uwz8w- : I don't what part
hvacguy17 :

Can you give me the model# of the oven?

JACUSTOMER-zm7uwz8w- : 16-11-157
hvacguy17 :

Sorry, I am not getting anything on that model#.. I will opt out to see if any other experts has another resource to helpo you

Expert:  Appliance Guru replied 5 years ago.
This unit is made by overseas with Panasonic and Sharp all inside. The likely culprit for you malfunction is one of the door switches. If these are defective the unit will not engage the inverter board to power the magnetron tube to heat. I do not know your skill level so you may need a qualified technician to diagnose this problem for you, since you can no longer get that particular size. However if you call Thermador at 1-800-735-4328 they may be able to further assist you. I hope this answered your question.Please click ACCEPT if you were satisfied with the answer and BONUSES are always appreciated!! Thanks Again Andy!