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Just purchased a GE dryer model GTDP300GM1WS installed by Sears.

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Just purchased a GE dryer model GTDP300GM1WS installed by Sears. It has replaced a Maytag MDG9316AWW that had a bad motor. New dryer is steaming up the laundry room. The outside vent is not as open as the old dryer would provide. It is taking almost 2hrs to dry a load of clothing.

This would make me think it is a venting problem but how would I know for certain. Sears did replace the inside vent hose which is now shorter than the previous, and I don't feel any air coming out the back of the dryer.

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You don't feel any air coming out of the new dryer when the vent hoses removed from it?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Have not removed any vent hoses, this is a gas dryer. I don't feel any air from a potential loose hose.
Okay, you most definitely have a clog vent if you don't feel any air flowing outside you need to get that straightened away otherwise the steam from the dryer will escape into the room with no place to go and it will take hours to dry clothes which is very bad on your electric bill not to mention it's not good for the dryer, you will burn the dryer out if you continue to run it this way. I gather the vent or the entire vent is hard to get at is that why you are not able to clean it out completely?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do these new "energy efficient" dryers work that differently. We used the old dryer the same day the new dryer was installed. They only replaced the hose from the dryer to the floor. How can we only get 1/2 the output from that one change? We can snake from the outside pretty far, but I know it doesn't go all the way to the laundry room. At this point I don't want to remove their vent and lose any warranty options before they can come back to look at it.

Just didn't know if there was something else for us to try.
Well yes the new energy-efficient dryers are that different, they have totally different sensors and if the airflow was incorrect the senses will shut the heating element down and it will take forever for to dry. And it's very bad for the dryer, the vent has to be a full 4 inches clear all the way to the outside, I fear yours has a restriction somewhere and that's what's causing your problem.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok, we'll see what happens. I guess a Dryer Vent Cleaning kit is in order.

Thank you.
Yes that would be my suggestion, sometimes these are too long to clean out with a dryer vent cleaning kit I've seen a lot of people and I've done myself use a leaf blower connected on the inside to blow stuff out through the vent on the outside, they are pretty powerful and unless it's really wet lint should blow the stuff out of there, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan

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