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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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I ahve a Magic Chef gas stove model 3468XVA. When we use the

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I ahve a Magic Chef gas stove model 3468XVA. When we use the oven, it occasionally trips the GFCI outlet it is normally plugged into (15A). If I plug it into a different outlet it never trips the breaker (no GFCI). I have already replaced the GFCI. Any suggestions?

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The problem is the oven igniter draws more than 15 A at times when lighting or relighting the oven, my suggestion is to replace the GFI with a standard outlet, if there is a bigger issue the main breaker in the breaker box would trip, so just replacing the GFI outlet with a standard one should be just fine because the breaker would trip if there's another issue and you said you plug it into another outlet and it didn't trip it so that would be my suggestion. Thanks, Bryan



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry Bryan, but I can't put a regular outlet in there because it is too close to the sink & wouldn't be up to code. We've had the stove for probably 15 years and this just started in the last month or so. Any other thoughts?
What is the breaker in the box? Is it a 15 amp also?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

They are both 20A breakers (the 2 outlets are on different breakers). Leaving it plugged in where it is now leaves me an outlet short, but I guess I can just get an adapter to add more.

Any thoughts as to why this just started happening?

Well if you have 20 amp breakers running to your GFI then the wiring is set up for 20 amp, I would change the GFI to a 20 amp GFI breaker. This should take care the issue, as a matter of fact the drawer through the line is greater than the GFI is made to handle anyway, I would change the GFI to a 20 amp this should take care of your issue, it's not going to trip a 20 amp GFI, , thanks, Bryan
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