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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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Hello. I have an Maytag stacked gas washer/dryer combo. The

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Hello. I have an Maytag stacked gas washer/dryer combo. The washer all of a sudden stopped working in the middle of finishing a rinse cycle. It currently will not run at all (as if there is no power). However there is power to the gas dryer which still works fine.

I'm a bit handy and I've taken it apart several times before. Any suggestions?



Hi,Welcome to Just Answer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX forward to helping you today.


Your lid switch is the issue on this, when the switches go to wash will stop running and nothing will happen no water going in no spin no agitate no drain, you will need to replace this, here is a link to the part, , replace this and it will take care of your issue, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Bryan,

This makes sense as I may have had this issue before. Any reason why the part stops working? Is the only way to replace the part? What's the best way to get access the part on the machine?
There is no particular reason why these fail they just do it's like anything you buy today are just not made very well, usually it will be one of the switches in the assembly that fails, give me a few minutes though I will look something else up on this before you go ahead and order that part, I'll be back shortly, thanks, Bryan
I'm glad I checked this, your machine also has a fuse that could be the problem, it took me a while to find the diagrams but I found them and there is a small barrel fuse inside the washer on the left side that you need to check before doing anything else, the good thing is if the fuse is bad you can take it to Lowe's and get a new one they have the replacements there, the fuse is number three on this diagram, there are two screws number 21 on the diagram you remove to remove the front panel. Make sure the machine is unplugged before servicing, remove the fuse and test for continuity, if the fuse is bad take it to Lowe's and have them match up a fuse for you, at first I didn't think your machine had the fuse because I couldn't find the diagrams, and the lid switch sent switch and fuse assembly but when I looked at it closely I did not see the fuse in this switch assembly itself, at this point I'd almost be willing to bet the fuse itself is blown, check that before ordering anything else, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Bryan. I'll check that out and let you know. I appreciate your follow up.

Okay no problem, it is going to be one or the other, I'm leaning more towards the fuse at this point however. And that's an easy repair, I am going to include all the diagrams for your machine so you have them, here is the link, digrams this way if you have to replace the switch you have all the diagrams for it, thanks and please don't forget to press the green accept button it's the only way I get paid, also you have up to 30 days to come back with any additional questions on this subject at no additional charge. Thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
HI Bryan

It turns out that the issue was the lid switch. However the switch isn't faulty... for some reason it got jammed in the off position so opening/closing the lid didn't do anything. I reached back a flicked it with my finger and PRESTO! It now works!

Although it wasn't the exact issue you did point me in the direction of the switch and I thank you for it.

Can I ask one last question regarding the dryer before I accept your answer? My dryer seems to be eating my clothes. Usually a corner of an article of clothing gets caught between the drum and the housing as it turns. I'm guessing this may be because I need to replace the pads the drum sits on? Maybe they've worn down and the drum doesn't fit perfectly anymore? I've replaced them once before on a different dryer. Any suggestions?


Okay the dryer is eating your clothes ? This means the felt seal is worn and is allowing clothes to slide between the drum in the back and that's the reason it is eating your clothes, this is a little more difficult to get to, the other thing is the dryer has front glides, if these glides are worn in the drum is tipping down in the front and allowing a space in the back that something you should address also, these there is a video to show you how to replace them but the video is for a separate dryer not a stackable, in order to replace these you would need to remove the whole front of the dryer in your case removing all the screws around the top of the dryer and the ones underneath holding the front panel, here is a link to all the parts if that helps, I think I gave you the link for all the diagrams but if not I will give you both. Here is a diagram link.




parts list thanks and great job I'm glad you got your washer working again, have a great day, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Bryan. My question is actually for Frididaire Gas dryer that I have. Unfortunately the model # XXXXX't exist. I looked at your link and there is a maintenance kit available ( In your opinion does it matter which model I have or should the kit works for all models. Also, is it worth getting the kit and replacing everything as the video shows or only the pads? Thanks again Bryan.
Yes if this is a Frigidaire dryer you're talking about that kit will fit it, the best way to make sure however is to use a video to take it apart and check the parts that are included with the kit you will be able to see the front glide assembly which has the white piece is on it with the felt if you see that then the kit is for your dryer and will work. It's a good idea to go ahead and do that the kit is only $31 so I would if it were mine, it comes with the rear bearing and everything which is good. They wear down and can cause your issue also. When the front glad bearings where down it opens up at the bottom of the drum which can rip you clothing, it looks like you have the right kit to me of course I'm not looking at your dryer but I would replace it all at $31 it's worth it and you have to take it all apart anyway just to do it so you might as well do it right, I hope this helps, if I have helped please don't forget to press the accept button so I will get paid for my part. Thanks very best wishes, Bryan
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