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My freezer overflow keeps freezing. It drips into my refrigerator.

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My freezer overflow keeps freezing. It drips into my refrigerator. I have located wht I think is the drainage tube for my refrigerator fut it is on the level where the drawers slide in. It all looks connected from I on the right track??
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you.

Your defrost drain is clogged. Instead of the water going down the defrost drain in the freezer its going through the freezer floor.

In the freezer remove the screws in the panel with the blue arrows. That is the freezer floor.

Then remove the parts with the red arrows. That is the back wall and airflow duct.

Behind those parts is the evaporator coil that defrosts about every 10 hours. The drain for the defrost is in the floor directly under those coils, its just about the size of a dime. Dig out all the ice and clear that hole.

Once you get that done pour a little warm water down it to be sure its clear. If its not clear find something flexible and push down through it a couple of inches.

Go around behind your refrigerator and remove the lower panel then find the tube that comes out just over the drain pan. If there is a small amount of water in that pan you will be done. The water that drains into that pan evaporates.

That will take care of it, if you have further questions please ask.


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Is there something I posted above that was not clear? Please ask I can help.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


I am not a refrigerator technician. I am just a woman that is pretty handy and looking for something to do at 4:00AM. First of all, the screws were not in the places you told me to look. To get the bottom of the freezer off, I would have to remove the door to the refrigerator and the front panel. I have an ice maker that would also have to come out. And the diagram you sent me scared me half to death. I felt that if I continued with the project I would end up with a bunch of parts and no refrigerator. I thought there would be a way that I could just use a blow dryer down a certain hole or something simple like that. Is there any other way, like the blow dryer, to be ble to do this?? Also, I shoved an extention cord (minus the prongs) up the drip hose and it went almost all the way to the freezer. Any more suggestions???


The only other way to do it is to unplug it and let it defrost. Then you should be able to push your cord through the back to clear it. The cord is fine to use but use no wire or coat hanger to clear it.

Sorry I did not mean to scare you. I tried to be as clear as I possibly could.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OK Now this I can work with. How long do I have to leave it unplugged for a complete defrost? Also, i I pay you now, can I still get hold of you if this doesn't work?
Sure you can, save this page to your favorites. Tomorrow I will be out til afternoon eastern time. I have to pick up someone at the airport. But after that for the rest of the month I expect to be here and only out short periods of time.

Leave it unplugged and open for at least 8 hours. Or you can turn it off and unscrew the light bulbs, whichever is easier.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Barry, Unplugged the frig, let it stand overnight with the doors open. The overflow pan has some water in it so I am assuming that everything defrosted OK. This sure was alot simpler than that diagram you first sent me!! I want to thank you for all your help. I believe my problem is fixed. If not, you are on my favorites page! Again, thank you for all your help.
Thats great news. Thank you for the opportunity. If it happens you need me again just give me a shout.

Take care,