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I have a G.E profile refreg/freezer-side by side and freezer

Customer Question

I have a G.E profile refreg/freezer-side by side and freezer can not keep it cold? what can i do.?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am authorized ge service tech and I can help you today
Jon Grella : I would first need for you to check to see if there is any frost or ice building up on the back cover in the inside of the freezer section
Jon Grella : If there is, you are experiencing a defrost failure. And that could cause the problem you are haveing
Jon Grella : If there is not frost, I would like for you to check to see if the compressor is running. If it is not running, we will need to fix that
Jon Grella : Hello. How are yu
Jon Grella : Can you check for me if there is any ice. Building up on the back wall of the freezer section?

it will take me a minute ill be back

Jon Grella : Ok. I will be here for you

so it feels like there is ice inside the back wall of the freezer


we have the ice maker off

Jon Grella : Can you see the ice building up on the back wall? That is what we are looking for right now. You would see it if there is. You may need to move some food around to get a clear look
Jon Grella : The ice we are looking for is not from the ice maker. It would be on the back wall near the bottom half of the back wall

there is ice on the bottom of the back wall but it seems to be what had dripped down from the top when the ice melted

Jon Grella : Ok. Then you are experiencing a defrost failure. And we will need to order a new defrost system. It can be installed by you if you are a bit handy and can use some regular tools. I will get you the part numbers of the parts you will need to fix the problem. I can see if there is even a video I can show you.
Jon Grella : Please just remember to hit the green accept button below now so that I can help you further
Jon Grella : The heater part number is XXXXX $50. The defrost thermostat part number is XXXXX $10. And finally the main board assembly part number wr55x10956 $130.
Jon Grella : All the parts can be ordered from either or And when the parts arrive to you' email me back here and I will show you how to install them.
Jon Grella : By having you do this repair, it will save you hundreds instead of calling in the repair man.
Jon Grella : Please again, just hit the green accept button below if you feel I have answered your question or feel that I obtain the knowledge and resources to get you an answer and help you fix this machine in the quickest and cheapest way possible.

how do i email you back as I don't see your email

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