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Refrigerator model #TFX222S (Upright side by side). (The last

Customer Question

Refrigerator model #TFX222S (Upright side by side). (The last couple of numbers may be off...sticker was creased). The freezer door is tight but when closing it the right door opens about a half inch. I think the magnetic seal needs to be replaced and I would like to order this but when I returned to the store where it was purchased I was told that I first needed to pay a $70.00 fee for a repair person to drive 5 blocks to our house to "diagnose this problem" saying that the repair part would cost me $150.00 and if this was not the problem I would be "stuck" with that cost. I am not a "sucker" and just because I am a woman I am asking an "expert" how to deal with this situation. Thank you.

Dr. Cornelia Green e-mail [email protected]
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Jon replied 5 years ago.

Jon Grella : Hello
Jon Grella : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an appliance expert here and I can help you today
Jon Grella : What is the make and full model number of the machine? It can be found on the inside cabinet of the ref

Side by Side, GE Refrid

Jon Grella : What color is th gasket?
Jon Grella : I have a partial model number from you and I would need the last few letters or numbers to get the right part for you. If you have the color it would help
Jon Grella : I agree with you. It would be silly for you to pay a company to come to you and charge you to say what you already know. And they would most definitely charge you more the part to. This is a job that you can do yourself.
Jon Grella : I can get you the part number you will need to order the part. And when the part arrives to you, I can even show and tell you how to install the part if you need me to.
Jon Grella : If it Is the model I am thinking of the fresh food door gasket that you will need is part number wr24x529 and will cost about $85.
Jon Grella : It can be ordered at either or

Model #: TFX22Z'S (last couple of letters difficult to read) Manual gives "Models 19,20,22, and 24)

Jon Grella : What color is the door gasket on the machine?
Jon Grella : The last couple of letters and numbers on the model just denote what color the machine is. Usually. So if you tell me what color machine you have. And what color the gasket is around the door, I should be able to get you the part number you will need to replace it
Jon Grella : Are you there?
Jon Grella : The status here just says that you are typing. It has said that now for a few minutes
Jon Grella : Please get back to me when you know the color of the door gasket in your machine. Or if you can make out the full model number and I will get you the part number you will need to replace the part.
Jon Grella : If you feel I have answered your question or feel that I obtain the know
Jon Grella : Sorry. I meant to say the knowledge and resources to get you an answer to your question, please remember to hit the green accept button now. This way I can help you further.
Jon Grella : Thank you and have a happy new year

The last 3 letters look like 2AS. The rubber section that goes around the fresh food section is white. Is this the same as the gasket? Sorry for being slower than you. I just cannot read the model number clearly and have been pulling and pushing to get the paper straight but this is the best info that I can give..OK


Jon...I have given you more information.

Jon Grella : Thank you for the info . The part number I gave you above would be the correct number of the gasket you need to fix the problem.
Jon Grella : Please order the part from any of the websites above and let me know if you need help installing it.

I have tried to give you the last 3 letters correctly and the you!

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