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i have a 1072 range/oven model CH 4-29-FT22 serial CH

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i have a 1972 Wolf range/oven model # XXXXX 4-29-FT22; serial # XXXXX 8099G72 and was converted to LP. oven pilot stopped working so, i have just replaced the safety valve. SV is working properly but oven would not light so I have replaced the thermostat as well. First question, are SV and Thermostats shipped for use with natural gas only. Pilot continues to work, but oven will not light. regards mike

The safety valve is shipped with a natural gas pressure regulator installed. When a propane conversion is performed, the vavle needs a propane pressure regulator installed. The kit is located underneath the nickel size cap with the screwdriver slot.

The thermostat works correctly with either gas.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
my safety valve does not have a "nickel size cap" i have attached a photo of the type of control. FYI, i have the model DVOR-1612. the red cap is to light the pilot and behind it is an adjustment screw.

The cap is on the DVOR-1667. The DVOR-1612 is a FMDA type of safety valve, and the pilot flame contact with the sensing bulb is critical to its proper operation. If the bulb does'nt get hot enough, the pilot will stay lit, but the valve won't open. Adjust the bulb in the pilot assembly for maximum flame contact. If the bulb glows with a dull orange color, but still won't ooperate the valve, you'll need to replace the valve, even though its new. It should be warrantied for 90 days.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the oven still does not work. i have removed and requested a replacement controller as per your response and have not received it from the dealer. that is why i have not responded.
OK. Thank you.