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Bosch SHE56C02UC dishwasher drain pump replacement help

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I need to replace the drain pump on a Bosch SHE56C02UC dishwasher. I have removed the kickplate, but cannot see how to get past the 'formed' white plastic basin that appears to cover the bottom of the unit.

Do I have to removed the unit and turn upside down to be able to replace the pump? On this model, the water INLET hose attaches to the front of the plastic "bottom". Behind that, I can see a white plastic short hose that appears to be the drain hose, and this shows up in diagrams of other Bosch dishwashers, but those other drain pumps are also visible upon removing the kickplate.

Make: Bosch
Model: SHE56C02UC

Already Tried:
Removing kickplate, examining other Bosch diagrams/photos available online.

To remove the drain pump doesn't require removing the white basepan. Once the kickplate is removed i normally remove the water valve to make it easier to get to. Remove the metal piece above the water valve. It is a metal piece going all the way across the bottom of the dishwasher in the front. It is only held on by 2 screws .

Once this is removed it will give you move room to remove the drain pump. The drain pump has one small push tab that you can get to from the front. Push this and untwist the drain pump. You can remove the drain pump through the area where the water valve is. Before you replace the drain pump these don't go out to often. I would remove the filter in the bottom of the unit and remove the water in the bottom.

Now you will see a white cover on the left side with a T20 torx screw holding it in place. Remove this screw and pull the cover up and check the impeller. Make sure nothing is blocking the impeller. There could be a piece of glass or something blocking it and you can remove his and not have to swap the drain pump.

Also check you drain connections and make sure nothing is blocking a hose. I would say 98 % of the time it is just something clogging the drain pump or a hose and the pump is ok. Check these first before replacing the pump.

Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I checked the impeller etc. before ordering the pump, but I'll check the hose again and see.
The metal plate that goes all the way across the front is what I refer to as the kickplate. Behind that, about 6" from the left edge of the white "base tub" is a small metal plate - about 3" across and 1.5" high - where the water inlet hose attaches. I assume that is the washing pump behind there? It does not seem there would be enough room, if I removed that plate, to reach or replace anything.
The white plastic waste hose seems to originate toward the right side of the machine (facing), and go across the front, just above the edge of the base tub. If the door is removable, I can probably squeeze my hand in there, but not sure if I have enough room to rotate and remove the pump. Also a lot of felt sound deadening material in the way. Are we talking about the same model number? The technique you describe I had already found online, but it was for different series, usually SHO, not SHE...?
Behind the kickplate remove the piece of felt and where the felt is in between the white base and the metal trim. Remove this metal trim. It has a plastic piece with the wires on it on the right side. There are only 2 screws holding it in place and then it slides off. Removing this will help you get the pump out from the front.Yes we are talking about the same model also.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I got the screws out, but I can't maneuver the plate our from under the door. It seems the whole process would be much easier if I could remove the (outer?) white door panel which is blocking me from rotating the galvanized plate out of the way. Is this a big thing? Seems like the Torx screws on the inside edge of the door are the ones holding it. It also seems like I only need to remove the outer door - inner one is several inches shorter and out of the way...

Yeah, you can remove the screws around the door and remove the outer door panel. This will help. Just remove the ones on the side and the panel will slide off.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Excellent - will try that in a little while. I think I have it down now - getting to the pump is the most work!
Ok great. Let me know if you have any more questions and please remember to click accept so i can be paid for my time helping you. You can still talk to me after you have clicked accept if you have any other questions.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Did you get my note about white wire/grey wire? Just a slightly different tab configuration on the new part...

Ok I think you are talking about the wires on the pump.i didn't get any note on this .reply back if you need any more help let know. Thanks david
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am. The old pump had two 'offset' tabs - white wire went to upper right, paired grey wires to lower left. On the new pump, there are two tabs very close together in the center - one above the other. They also sent a "Connector", which appears hold the incoming wires with spades, and fit over the tabs (as an insulator?). Two questions: is this what I need to do with the connector, and even more importantly, is the white wire still the "top" wire? Note that there are actually two grey wires attached to the same spade connector, only one white wire. Thanks for the help David.
Ok the 2gray wires will go together. I think you have the new style pump and you need to cut off the old connector and use the one they sent you. I don't think it matters where the go on the pump because it will only run One way.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yup, it's the new pump they tell me. OK, I'll put them through the connector -- to the back of the pump -- white on top. We'll see what happens.

Thanks again for the good answers and sticking with me all evening...Randy


Glad to help. Reply back if you need anymore help.