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MY 2006 built in microwave will come on but will not heat.

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MY 2006 built in microwave will come on but will not heat.

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Okay so everything comes on the fans the lights the turntable correct? It acts like it's running the clock times down and everything?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Brian that is correct, except the turntable has not worked for a year. Lights on, timer works, clock works just no heat.
Okay this means you have a failed magnetron, the magnetron is the part that actually heat the food sends the microwaves throughout the oven, this is about $135 part, however it can be dangerous to replace this so you need to be extremely cautious when working on a microwave, the magnetron is connected to the high-voltage capacitor which can store a lethal amount of voltage even when the machine is unplugged, also the microwave would need to come down from the cabinet to replace this, I'm not sure how much technical experience you have of course but if you think you can do it and you think you have enough know how then you can click the following link to order the part, clcik here , this is an extremely common failure on these, I hope this information is useful, thanks and well wishes for a happy holiday season, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Bryan how do I take the microwave out of the cabinet?
sorry some other tech had the question lock, okay, up in the cabinet there are screws (3) that you need to remove and let the microwave come down. hang onto it and let it lower, once the screws are out lean the microwave forward and lift it off the back mounting bracket, it will come right down then .
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