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I have an Amana Washing machine ( ALW880QAW ).I replaced the

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I have an Amana Washing machine ( ALW880QAW ).I replaced the pump and belt as water was not being pumped out during the spin cycle.I tested the machine and it filled with water ,but it would not agitate,then I noticed a little smoke coming from or near the motor.I may have reconnected the wires on the capacitor wrong (it is the only thing that I think I did wrong.My question is if I did wire the capacitor wrong is my motor now shot or will a new capacitor rewired the correct way work.

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I you sure the smoke is coming from the motor itself or could be the belt that's burning?, This motor just plugs in and it has the extra plug for the three speed part of the motor but you can't wire the capacitor backwards it doesn't matter which way the wires go on theres only two, and it doesn't matter which paid you put them on so if the motor is smoking and you sure that you need to check and make sure that your transmission is not locked up, this will cause the motor to overheat or the belt to burn, let me know if the smoke is actually coming from the motor or could possibly be coming from the belt the motor spinning and burning the belt up.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello Bryan,I just tested it again .The smoke wich has that ozone like smell is not coming from the belt.I can hear a click when the motor is supposed to start and then there is the smell and a little smoke.
Okay and the Pulley turns okay the one in the center of the machine? You may have a bad capacitor which is what you smell like an old zone smell. That's usually with that is you can order new capacitor at the following link, I'm pretty sure this is gonna take care your issue from what you're saying, this capacitor is what starts the motor and if it's bad the motor doesn't get the boost it needs to start and the capacitor overheats and that's the smell you smell, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello Bryan,The motor worked fine before I replaced the pump and belt.The pulleys do turn .If it doesn't matter how the wires are attached to the capacitor ,then I guess that I didn't burn it out with the wrong wiring....I guess you are right and I will replace the capacitor.I can't get that smell out of my nose
Yeah the capacitors the only thing that will give you that funny smell usually and it's coming right from that area, when these overheat the plastic on the capacitor kinda almost melts or gets real hot inside it's like when you melt these plasticly smell that funny smell so I would replace a capacitor before anything else, I don't see how you could have done any damage to it might have just been that with the new belt it grabs the pulleys much tighter and tries to spin the tub right from beginning which will strain the motor in capacitor more so I believe the capacitor has just weakened to the point where it's not able to start this motor quickly enough and get it going, thanks and have a great weekend and a happy holiday season, Bryan
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