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my GE profile dryer DPSB613 wont start. The touch pads all

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my GE profile dryer DPSB613 won't start. The touch pads all lite up, and all ding when I press them EXCEPT for start button. Help!

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This usually means your safety fuse has blown, you will need to order and replace this, if you have a voltmeter you can check for continuity, if you do not get continuity than the safety is bad, you can order this at the following link, this is located on the back of the dryer inside on the side of the heating element or directly beside it on the back wall, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
wouldn't the safety fuse affect other buttons/pads on the electronic keypad? it's just this one "START" button that does not respond.
no the safety fuse will not affect the panel lighting up in being able to set the controls it will just affect being able to start the dryer, so the panel will still light up and you still will be able to make your choices but when you press the button it will just beep and will not start the safety is actually between the heater and the motor and the timer and therefore will not start any of those if there was a problem or if the thermal fuse blew, so no it will not affect the panel lighting up. Hope that helps thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
still confused. the START button lights up, but it doesn't beep and doesn't start the dryer. would it still be the safety fuse? and if so, is this something I can replace myself? (I'm somewhat handy). Or is it something I need to hire a repair person to do? Thanks!
I'm sorry if this sounds confusing what I meant to say or convey to you is the buttons will still light up having a light up but it won't start if the safety fuse is blown there's another thing that could be these also have a belt switch that if the belt breaks the dryer will not start this basically both of these kill the power to the motor in the heater so it won't start so say if the belt was broke the heater wouldn't come on either does the dryer won't start if you know what I'm trying to say, it's a safety so none of the dryer will operate if say the belt was broke or the thermal fuse detected overheat of the heater, not necessarily the reason why the thermal fuse blew, sometimes these just go they are electrical part in there like a fuse you would have no house that can just go, I can send you diagrams you can probably do this yourself if you handy, the safety fuse is number 507 on this diagram, unplug the dryer open the door and I believe there are two screws in this one going straight up holding the top on, remove those and lift the top in the front just a bit and pull it toward you and the whole top will come off, check your belt first before going any further and make sure it's not broken, once you've checked at the thermal fuse be on the right side towards the top of the element shown in the picture number 512, if the belt is broken you need to replace the belt if the thermal fuse is blown you need to replace that, you can see how the top of the machine number 401 is separate from the rest in this diagram, I hope all this helps, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Any idea how much it would cost to have someone come in to replace that part? I'm concerned that it's gonna end up in too many pieces to put back successfully. :)
LOL, I know what you mean trust me I've had machines apart that are nightmares, I can imagine it's a little overwhelming if you add in the cost of the part the average service call is about $79.00 and this is a pretty simple job for a skilled technician he should be able to be in and out of there and 15 to 20 min. tops, I can do them in about 10 but I'm giving you a little leeway there is, I've done a lot of them that's why, depending on if it's the belt of the thermostat, the belt is only around $12.00 and a safety thermostat is a little more expensive run you around $38.00 so add those together plus possibly another $25 depends on what the service company charges for labor, but I usually do a flat rate on something like this, most people will if you call around you can get the best price you can ask them how much to replace the belt and how much to replace the thermostat and get some prices before you have some come out, do not under any circumstances call Sears or A&E service because that is Sears, they will charge you a fortune so stay away from them, I hope this information is useful, thanks and very best wishes, Bryan
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