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I have a Kitchenaid electric stove model KESC308LSS0 that has

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I have a Kitchenaid electric stove model KESC308LSS0 that has been working great for the last 8 years. I had recently cleaned the oven usging the self cleaning feature about a week ago. Everything worked fine; it went through the entire cycle and the oven worked great for over a week. Yesterday, however (out of nowhere) the oven indicated a F5 E7 fault code and the door just locked...for no apparent reason since the cleaning was done and it worked for over week. I got some info that relates to the cleaning cycle itself but nothing specific to my situation. Can you please tell me how to get the door unlocked and how do i clear this fault? What happened to cause this? Thanks, Joe

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this code mean door lock failure, luckily this range has a door lock assembly in the rear and is controlled by a Rod so you are able to get at it without opening the door from the front, pull the range away from the wall unplug it and remove the back panel you will see this, you need Julie place it you can order it at the following link, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Bryan; thanks for your response...just a little more clarity on this, please :-) do i have to remove the panel from the back to access the rod to unlock the door or is it already exposed at rear? will i be able to use oven once i open it or will it just lock again until this assembly part is replaced? and once i do replace do i have to reset anything at all?

Sorry I had to step off-line for little while, I'm not sure because the diagrams don't really show whether there's a cover over that separate or if it's behind the main panel in the back of the stove, but yes you can undo the Rod and unlock the door that way but for the oven to work you will need to take the motor off the switch assembly and turn it until the micros witch is in a different position and then the oven should run until you can get the new lock assembly for it, you will see it when you get it apart, hope this helps sorry to be so long getting back to you I had to go out for a bit and just got back. Thanks and well wishes, Bryan
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