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I am defrosting my chest freezer. I removed the outside blue

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I am defrosting my chest freezer. I removed the outside blue drain cap. Water is pooling in the freezer cavity. Should I remove the inner plug as well?

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Yes you absolutely have to remove number three on this diagram, it's probably just stuck, I realize you try to pull it out with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver, these to just pull out, here is a picture of the plug, you can see there are no threads or anything so it just pulls off, you need to keep trying maybe turn it if you can and then pull up to try to loosen up whatever's making it stick, I hope this helps, thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Bryan. The plug must have been replaced upside down (no sign of the handle) from the last defrosting. Thoughts on how to "flip" it.
Is there water covering this right now? It doesn't appear that you can actually put this in upside down, have you have a defrosted this before? According to the diagram and only goes one way I don't believe it will go upside down, it is possible however that does a different plug in there for some reason because this should have the little thing you grab to pull it out with but I don't think this will go in upside down because it's flat on the top pretty much and doesn't have anything that's really got a hold it in once it's in there, if there is water covering this what I would try to do is get the water out first and take a hairdryer and warm up the plug and then try and pull it out, that's a strange problem you have because if you look at the diagram it shows how it goes in and it's flat on the top so I don't know what would hold it in if it was upside down.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Here's what my plug looks like. I've removed the watermy drain
good picture, it's not the whole outer ring I believe that pops out I believe it's just the center part have you tried to just pop that center out of that? The outer ring that's actually connected to the freezer bottom doesn't come out I believe it's just the inner cap that does see if that works, they used different plugs in these over the years and this may have been a half-year change sometimes they will run out of the original ones and use different plugs in them I've seen that quite a bit, be careful though you don't want to break it but that plug has to come out in order for it to drain but if it gets to be where you think you gonna break it will ruin it I would just leave it alone and remove the water the way you did this time next time you have to defrosted it, no use in doing any damage to it at this point, but that plug should come out, thanks, Bryan
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