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What do I check when my washing machine stops after lifting

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What do I check when my washing machine stops after lifting the lid & putting down again & it will not start again. I checked the lid switch & drain problems there. Maytag top loading machine.
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can you get us the full model number? when you say you checked the lid switch how to do check it with a voltmeter? let me know, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Bryan-
Checked lid switch by pressing on it w/ a pen & then moving the knob to the spin cycle. I have not checked with a voltmeter. THe machine is still full.
Okay so this just completely stopped and now will run with all is that correct? This is a Maytag I'm trying to figure out where your model number may be it could be under the lid or along the top of the control panel can you look there and see if you can get it for me there are different lid switch assemblies I have to take a look at these, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
You mean NOT run at all? Yes...I checked the load just after starting to begin the wash cycle & lifted the lid & put down & NOTHING has happened since. No spin, no dry..nothing.
Model # XXXXX
. Okay it's definitely your lid switch, these lid switch is fail all the time we replace a lot of these.This particular one because of this plastic breaks inside and even though it clicks in you can hear a click they don't work trust me this is your problem you will need to order and replace the switch, here is a link if you wish to order on line it comes with the new plunger which also wear so make sure you use the new one that comes with it, the lid switch comes with instructions so you should be able to change this very easily, there are three wires on it so jumping out is not an option for this particular switch so you will need new switch before you can run the machine again, I hope this helps, thanks, Bryan,,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks I will look into this website...the machine is full how do I drain? This machine has a tendency to leak out the bottom on large loads...I am not sure if that factors in on how to drain in the mean time...thanks.
Yeah be a full of water is a pain, you say this machine has a tendency to leak from the bottom on large loads , that is probably gonna get worse in the future this more than likely the main tub seal that's leaking especially on large loads because the more water there is more pressure there is this will get worse eventually hopefully not for a while for you I hate to see you put money into it and then have to do a major overhaul because the seal is a big job, the only thing I can think of the tell you on this draining this is to open the control panel make sure the machine is unplugged in the meantime and you will see the lid switch, make sure your lid is up and there is a release on the switch like a plastic tab if you can release the switch you may be able to press that in with something and get the switch to run long enough to get the water out, although this does work sometimes it doesn't always work so you might have to bail out but I would try that and hopefully the work for you, this should be screws along the top of the panel or a panel on the back of the control panel that you can remove to get to it, thanks, Bryan
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