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i purchased a lg washer and dryer last year .My clothes come

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i purchased a lg washer and dryer last year .My clothes come out of the washer smelling ok. But when i dry the they dont smell very clean. My other concern is that my old top load washer with the basket i would get alot of lint and stuff. With the front load machine i dont see any debri at all.
Hey i will help you. Can you open the washer door and look at the door boot and see if you see any black mold on the door boot? Move the door boot and look in between it and see if you see any black mold or black spots in between the boot? When you are not using the washer do you leave the door open or closed?Reply back to me on here. Thanks David
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i opend door does not appear to be any black mold that i can see. Although the drain holes seem to get plugged . There also seems to be a lot of brownish stuff around and behind gaskest but is very hard to pry open gasket to clean.
Ok, one of the most common things to make clothes stink or smell comes from mold in the door boot of the washer. Normally you don't smell anything until after the clothes are dry. You need to make sure to run washing machine cleaner through the unit every month and leave the door open when you are not using the washer.Water sits in the door boot and under the tub and when you shut the door it will cause brown and black mold to form in the door boot. I tell customers to wipe the door boot with a cloth when the washer is done. I would get some washing machine cleaner and run through it. You might want to have a technician come out and replace the door boot. There is no cleaner that completely removes the mold on the door boot you just have to replace it. Hope this helps and please remember to click accept. Thanks David
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