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hi! i have a "bosch DLX series" dishwasher. a few months ago,

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hi! i have a "bosch DLX series" dishwasher. a few months ago, it started leaving a random dish here & there unwashed. it has gotten a lot worst and it even leaves gunks of white stuff (i believe it is dishwashing liquid - i use cascade) on more than half the items. to top it off, sometimes, it washes for over 2 hours or so, no matter what cycle i set for it - even the quick wash cycle. any thoughts on what is happening & what i can do? i now hate my dishwasher.
This sounds like either a control issue, a heater issue or a clogged filter. The soap being left behind either due to the water no pumping well enough and dissolving it, or the heater is not working, soap needs hot water to dissolve. Also, these machines need the water to heat to advance the cycle, so if it is not heating or not heating quickly enough, it can take 2 hours or longer. Have you removed the filter on the bottom of the tub to see if it needs to be cleaned?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i have not but i just popped it out and don't know what i am supposed to be looking at. it looks kinda gunky inside but not too much - is that normal? also, i have been turning on my kitchen sink on hot as soon as i turn on the dishwasher to get hot water faster. i think i read about trying that on google.

There should be no gunk on the filter. Clean it out and reinstall it. Then place the spray arms in the dishwasher at the 12 o'clock position. Then start a cycle, let the machine fill and start circulating water for about 20 seconds and then open the door. Do the arms move from the original position?


Running the hot water is a good idea, but these machines heat the water higher than you hot water heater. So if it does not sense that the water temperature is rising it will add time to the cycle to try and heat it .

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
bythe way, thanks a bunch in advance.

i wll try what u suggested on your first paragraph.
but, if my heater is not working properly, i guess i have to get someone to fix it.

so, in total, i may have 3 separate issues ........
the dirty filter
the spray arms not spinning properly
the dishwasher's heater

i just need to cover all bases so i can talk to my husband about it w/out sounding too oblivious.

i can't continue to be online much longer because i must leave to pick up my boys from school soon and my entire rest of the day is super busy with them.
so, can i get back to you tomorrow morning after i try your suggestions?

let me know & thanks again!
I think you have one problem but three possibilities for that problem. You can get back to me at any time.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do i pay another fee? and how do i connect directly back to you?
No you do not. Just go back to this page and respond to this post and I will be alerted. I might not get right back to you but I will respond as soon as possible.
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