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Our Kenmore Ultra Bake-Self Cleaning-Super Capacity range (model

Customer Question

Our Kenmore Ultra Bake-Self Cleaning-Super Capacity range (model number 665.95829990, bought in August 2001) showed an error code of F3, and the upper oven element got extremely hot very quickly and would not extinguish even after turning the oven off. I had to trip the circuit breaker. After switching the circuit breaker back on, the element again got extremely hot even though the oven hadn't been turned on. Sears said they can only get a repairman out in two weeks' time, on November 28, and I have extended family coming for Thanksgiving. The Sears repairman will charge $109 for labor. What do I do? Do I buy a new range?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Charles replied 5 years ago.

Hello, and thanks for your question! My name is Charles and I am happy to assist you today!!

F3 is the error code for a defective Oven Temp sensor. If the sensor is bad it will not know when to shut down the oven.

You can attempt to repair this yourself as it is pretty easy.

Open the oven door and look in the back of the oven. You should see a probe that sticks out of the back and has 1 or 2 screws that hold it in place. remove those screws and slide the probe out. There should be a connector that you can unplug and remove the sensor. Install the new sensor in the reverse manor.

This should remedy your issue according to your error code.


I hope this helps answer your question, if so please click the green accept button, if not im still here to assist you,

thanks again,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I had a top-rated technician (according to Angie's List) come in yesterday. He tested the oven temp sensor, and there's nothing wrong with it. However, the ERC needs to be replaced, so that the relay to the broiler element works correctly.
Expert:  Charles replied 5 years ago.

Ok, thanks for the update. The F3 error code according to the manufacturers own manuals is the error code for a bad oven temp sensor. I will make note of you information. Thanks again,